It’s Not Easy Drawing Green…Sketchcards

Hey, gang- you know the old song about it’s not that easy being green…well, sometimes it’s not easy drawing green…but it can be fun.

You may have seen my Batgirl sketchcard for Gabe’s Cave in a previous post, and this time I’m back with a couple more for that set, which are very, very green. 

Like my Grogu sketchcard (artist return), there was a lot of green Copic markers used. I try to use at least a couple if not more shades of a color in my drawings, even if they are monochromatic. I think it helps with depth, and keeps the art from looking too flat. That’s something I’ve noticed about some folks starting out with coloring, especially markers. They tend to just lay down a solid base/flat color and don’t shade, blend, or even just let some of the white show through for highlights (I’m still working on that last one myself).


I start off with pencil- my favorite is just a yellow #2 or an HB lead one. I then use my Copic markers for the coloring. On this card it took a bit of working- the greens wanted to go a bit blotchy on me. Not sure if it was the cardstock reacting to the markers, or the different green marker colors not wanting to work together. Had something similar happen on a Star Wars set or two. Luckily I was able to smooth them out. 


I inked over the drawing with a black Pigma Micron pen, and did highlights with a white Gelly Roll pen and a white Prsmacolor pencil. Also used a metallic silver uni-ball Signo pen for her dress to give it some shine like I did with my Batgirl and Firefly sketchcards. Once done I did a light spraying of workable fixative.

I love the new TV series and cracked up during the opening of the season’s finale. Hopefully there’s a second season. It’s a fun show, and I love the end credits colorful courtroom style drawings.

I also drew a Slimer (from GB2) sketchcard for the Gabe’s Cave set. I did a total of 15 cards for them to giveaway.

Here are some of those other Gabe’s Cave cards. You can register to win them and others through their YouTube channel and social media (see below).

2101 N College Ave
El Dorado, AR 71730
Gabe’s Cave on YouTube:’sCave/videos
Gabe’s Cave on Facebook:

These other two Ghostbusters cards were done as personal sketchcards and drawn the same way as She-Hulk, Grogu, and Slimer were – pencil/markers/pens/colored pencil (click here to see that post).

They, along with some of my other monster merch are currently available for purchase through the online Monster Market, now through Halloween.

While we’re talkin’ bustin’ and drawing green, here’s another Slimer I did for George, a young Make-A-Wish Ghostbusters fan over in the UK.

Oh, and since we’re all about green in this blog post, I also did a few cards this summer for a “Toxic Fumes” sketchcard set.

The cards themselves were printed in green, so it made doing any erasing any pencil lines a bit tricky, but I was able to use it to my advantage.

I used the erasing to pull out some of my highlights.


Had to be careful not to damage the card’s surface for when I started in with my Copics.


I mostly stuck with just grey markers and let some of the green of the cards show through.


I inked with a black Pigma Micron, and finished out the highlights with the white Gelly Roll pen and Prismacolor pencil.

They turned out okay, but not sure if I’m a fan of drawing on tone/colored cardstock or not- at least with markers. I’ve done some with just pencils. I love work done that way, and I’m especially a big fan of when David Petersen or Steve Stanley do it.

I bought a pad of paper and I’ve got a few toned sketchcovers I need to work on now that I can take a break from sketchcards and enjoy drawing through the holidays.

I took a break from setting up at comic conventions back in 2019 before the pandemic hit. Am looking to start setting up again at shows in 2023. Will probably avoid comic cons (folks weren’t spending any green on my art), and hope to try my luck doing more horror type shows and/or non-sports card shows- maybe even some fall art festivals.

I would like to stick with ones within driving distance (2-8hrs) like Nashville, Little Rock, Huntsville, Louisville, Atlanta, New Orleans, or Jackson MS/TN. If Nicki and I can make a vacation of it (definitely after she finishes grad school next year), I wouldn’t mind flying to a show and spend an extra day or two seeing the city. Maybe someplace like Orlando, Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. Am not opposed to trying some local events, I just tend not to do as well locally for some reason.

I’m hoping that the Monster Market here in Memphis does well for me and I can be a part of it again next October. Nicki and I had a blast at their in-person Kickoff party on October 1st at Marshall Arts.

It was packed with over 500 shoppers and just about everyone seemed to be buying something! Maybe it was the open bar..? Fingers crossed that they can be an in-person pop-up shop next year. You can check out this year’s virtual shop online at –

I’m looking into other retail locations and outlets that would be willing to sell my work, but that don’t take such a high commission/cut that it’s not worth participating with. Currently I have some sketchcards and sketchcovers at The Cellar in Bartlett. I may have some original art and prints available at 901 Comics in the future- once I have new stuff to offer!


I have started working on my business plan and art schedule for 2023. I’ll be creating a couple trading card sets, doing some Kickstarters for those sets, and creating a lot more original art and new prints to sell. It’s been too long and I need to get creative with what I offer and how I market and sell it…and myself! I’ve also got another small sketchcard gig in the spring for RRParks, and I’ve already asked to be a part of his Halloween set again.

Before I go, don’t forget that the Kickstarter campaign for the Nosferatu Series Two set is now live – click here to back this project. I’ve got sketchcards and a promo card in this set.

This week I got my rewards from a few Kickstarters I backed including TPBs from Dave Dwonch (check out “Drawing Funny” Ep.15), and some Halloween trading cards from Richard Parks and Mark Spears.

Until next time- may the sketchcards be with you always!



PS: A couple shots of Lex being green in his Lexosuit, which is not a Halloween costume, but an easier way to keep an eye on him in the backyard. The boy blends in too well!

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It’s Not Easy Drawing Green…Sketchcards
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