Mando Monday- Gabe’s Cave Sketchcards


Well, gang- I’ve had a lot on my drawing board lately. Many have been sketchcards done as upcoming social media/YouTube giveaways for Gabe’s Cave.

But not all of them are online giveaways. I’ve got a couple artist returns that will be available for sale along with my others at The Cellar in Bartlett, TN.

Since it’s Mando-Monday, first up is my Mandalorian sketchcard.


I tend to use a yellow #2 pencil, but for this one I used an inexpensive Bic click pencil which can be refilled with HB lead sticks. The color was done with various shades of Copic marker greys, earth-tones, and some blues.


I inked the figure with a black Pigma Micron pen, but left the background as just markers to give a bit of depth to the scene. After a bit of spray-fix I used a white Gelly Roll pen for highlights, another light spray and then a white Prismacolor pencil for to help blend the highlights.

Next up is “Baby Yoda“, also known as “The Child” and/or “Grogu“.

I used a click pencil to sketch it out, and Copics to get the color started.

The colors started to get a bit splotchy. Had a bit of a problem with some of the green and browns creating a bit of a pattern and not wanting to blend. I’ve had that happen on sketchcards before. Thankfully, like this one they mostly were creatures so that can add to the look of it.

Inking with a micron. Before moving on I give the card a light coating of Krylon workable spray fixative. 

That helps when adding my white highlights. After finishing the cards I sprayed them down with a final coating of fixative. It’s best to keep it light and do a couple passes. 

You can see more of my finished sketchcards on my site and for sake at The Cellar in Bartlett, TN and online at the upcoming Monster Market in October.

More of my Gabe’s Cave sketchcards still to come…

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Mando Monday- Gabe’s Cave Sketchcards
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