Monster Monday – Nosferatu Sketchcards

Hey, fang…uh- gang.

Happy MONSTER MONDAY! I recently completed 9 “Nosferatu” sketchcards for RRParksCARDS

They are part of the Nosferatu: The 100th Anniversary Trading Card Series. “Nosferatu” is the first joint production of a trading card series by 4 different publishers: RRParksCARDS, Attic Cards, Leg Day Cards, and RJF.

Some series one sets may still be available through RJF Cards. Plus- a second series is in the works and the card publishing quartet (Attic Cards, RJF, Leg Day Cards, and RRParks CARDS) are planning to release the set around October 2022.

I drew them on official Nosferatu sketchcard blanks, and will have 3 artist returns available later. 

I started off drawing Count Orlok with pencil- a No.2 click pencil.

Then I started with my grey Copic markers- worked mostly light to dark.

Then filled in the background with some Copic black.

Did the line work with some Pigma Micron pens.

Used a white gel pen for my highlights.

Finished my highlights off with a white Prismacolor pencil. I then sprayed the card with Krylon workable spray-fixative and signed the back of it.

A portrait of actor Max Schreck.


Another finished Count Orlok card.

I should be getting some promo cards for the set later.

Don’t forget that my hand-drawn sketchcards and sketchcovers are available for sale at The Cellar out in Bartlett.

As well as at the upcoming Monster Market online this October.

I also have a Tee Public shop where you can get some of my Scared Silly and Drawing Funny podcast merch:

I’m looking at doing a Kickstarter for a Scared Silly card set of my own later this year- “stay tooned” for more details..!



Monster Monday – Nosferatu Sketchcards
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