From The Batcave To Gabe’s Cave- More Of My Latest Sketchcards

Holy Batartday..! Hello, citizens. As you may have learned on an earlier post, I was recently part of the Gabe’s Cave Season 4 card set. I did 15 sketchcards for the set- a mixture of Batman, Star Wars, and others.

First up for this post are a couple of Batman from the unfortunately canned WB “Batgirl” movie. I really hate that it won’t be released and we won’t get to see Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight in it. Would much rather watch it than the Flash movie they’re apparently still going through with- and honestly was hoping Keaton’s return would signal a future “Batman Beyond” movie…ugh.

Anyway, for this sketchcard I started off by sketching on their Gabe’s Cave blanks in pencil. 

I then broke out my Copic markers– grays, blues, yellows, and flesh-tones.

I used a black Pigma Micron pen to ink the cards. I normally ink with an 03, but sometimes use a finer or a thicker depending on what type of line I need. 


For the highlights I used a white Gelly Roll pen and a white Prismacolor pencil. I ususally will 

I also did a Brendan Fraser sketchcard as the “Batgirl” movie’s Firefly. Same process for this one- pencils, markers, inks, and highlights.



If you’re using markers try using more than one shade for each color, even if you’re working in grays. Many times I’ll see a sketchcard that’s drawn really well, but looks a bit flat because their colors (and/or line work) are too similar and honestly just plain and simple. They use just a beige as a flesh-tone, or just a plain red or blue, just one shade of gray, etc.- instead of using different shades of colors and blending them to create depth in their images. The drawings look more like a simple flat 2-D animation cell and just not fleshed out. By simply adding a shadow color, blending a few colors together, creating textures, and determining a light source and adding highlights could help so much. Same for using different line weights when inking, or not using inked lines for backgrounds.

For this Firefly sketchcard I also added a bit of metallic silver and gold here and there using a uniball SIGNO pen.



I did the same for the bat emblem and utility belt on a Yvonne Craig as Batgirl sketchcard. I know Marty Rosson with Gabe’s Cave loves the ’60s TV series like I do. These sketchcards have been done as upcoming social media/YouTube giveaways for Gabe’s Cave.

I’ve got more sketchcards to share with you next bat-time…



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From The Batcave To Gabe’s Cave- More Of My Latest Sketchcards
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