“I’m Bats, Man”- My Latest RRPARKS Cards Sketchcards

Hey, gang- we’ve made it to fall, and Halloween is just around the corner…

I recently finished up my latest sketchcard gig for RRPARKS Cards– their “Halloween Trick Or Treat” set. It’s another Kickstarter funded card set, and an annual event for publisher Richard Parks- his ninth!


Last year I did horror hosts as my subject matter, and this year I decided to go a bit batty with my art.


I started off sketching the card in pencil. I did a click Bic pencil on some, a yellow #2, and H or HB pencils on others. Honestly, whatever was handy and close at the time.

I then used my Copic markers to color them- different earth-tones and grays mostly. Pretty much went lights to darks, and blending as I colored.


I then used a black Pigma Micron pen to ink some details, and a white Gelly Roll or Signo pen for the white highlights.

I also used a white Prismacolor pencil for more highlights. I usually like to spray a light coat of workable fixative before doing the colored pencil work. Helps protect the white pen, and honestly I could probably do the pencil first, spray, and then the pen work. Need to try it to see if it works the same or better. Once the card was finished I gave it another light coating of fixative and then signed the back of the card.

And I repeated the process for the rest of the 10 cards I did for the set.

I love drawing anything monster or Halloween related, and working on RRPARKS Cards sets are always fun.

I didn’t have time to put any Halloween/BATS artist returns (I’ll have two) in this year’s online Monster Market, but I do have a few other of my Monsterpieces for sale like Mickey Myers, Abby Normal…


…and several sketchcards including some of my MANOS cards and Elvira and SIVAD artist returns from last year’s Halloween set, as well as some Ghostbusters personal sketchcards.


Oh, I received some Nosferatu promo cards that feature my art from the sketchcards I did back in May for the upcoming card set (read more about it here). I’ll have artist returns for this set available later.


The Kickstarter campaign for the Nosferatu Series Two set is now live – click here to back this project.

RRParks also sent me some MANOS base cards for that latest set. I gave away some of each of those cards at the last MSCA dinner meeting at Garibaldi’s Pizza. I’ll try and bring a few more (and an extra surprise or two) to the November 1st meeting if anyone is interested. 


Oh, speaking of the Monster Market– Nicki and I got to go to the one night only in-person kick-off party at Marshall Arts on October 1st.

The place was packed and there was a line of folks waiting to check out from the time we got there until the time we left. The line moved along at a decent pace, and the open bar helped the 500+ folks not mind waiting to pay for their monster merch. We got to chat with some other Monster Makers while we waited in line.

The Monster Market continues online through the end of the month, and lots of great Halloween’ish items are still available. www.shop.memphismonstermarket.com

That’s all for this post. Hope you’re all having a batastic October!


PS: Some fun Bat Facts HERE.

“I’m Bats, Man”- My Latest RRPARKS Cards Sketchcards
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