Just Super- my Christopher Reeve Superman Sketchcover


Recently finished another sketchcover. This time the cover is Christopher Reeve from “Superman: The Movie”.

I’ve always loved this movie, and Christopher Reeve is my favorite Superman. I first saw the movie at an overnight skating party while I was in junior high school. I took a break from skating, grabbed something to eat from the snack bar, and took a seat in front of the projection screen as it started. I didn’t move for the next two hours or so. I had missed seeing it in the theater. I completely geeked when Superman first flies in the . . .

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Down The Road- This Year’s Summer Con Schedule For Me


Well, con season is in full swing. Last month my wife Nicki and I attended MidSouthCon in Memphis, TN, and are looking to continue our con-a-month schedule and will hit the road for a few more this summer.  

First up- the Memphis Comic Expo at the Agricenter, won’t be too long of a drive since it’s our new backyard con in Memphis. I set up at last year’s in the fall and had a great time. The first year was so successful founder Donnie Juengling decided to make the one day “DonnieCon” a full two day event (June 6 & &) and expand . . .

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“Things are a bit sketchy as I draw a blank!” Drawing on blank comic book sketch covers for fun and profit.

image (22)

Hey gang- things have gotten a bit sketchy for me lately, but in a good way.

If you’re a comic book collector you’ve probably noticed an occasional comic book on the shelves that has a blank cover. No, it’s not a printing mistake, a blizzard illustration, or a picture of a cow eating grass (“Where’s the cow?” “He ate all the grass and left!”). In fact, it’s meant not to have anything on it other than the title of the book (logo/masthead) and other info like creator credits, issue number, and prince. They are blank sketch cover variant issues. . . .

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