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Return of the Sketchcard- My Latest Topps Star Wars Sketchcards


Hey, gang-

Finally getting to use my new desk in the Batcave for an art project…

I was chosen again as one of the artists to work on more Star Wars sketchcards for Topps- Star Wars Masterwork sketchcards.

They will each be signed and randomly inserted into trading card packs.

I’ve got a little over 50 cards to do this time, and will have 6 artist returns to sell once they are finished and approved.

Each card is hand drawn and starts off blank like this one.

I sketch them off in pencil . . .

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“Where’s Workman?”


Hey gang-

Sorry for such a long time between updates. It’s been a busy and crazy summer!

Between doing a few shows (Little Rock, Birmingham, Huntsville, Memphis), getting new floors installed in our entire house, painting rooms, building new shelves and display cases, doing a Harry Potter display at our local library, being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, and a crap-ton of overtime at my day job several months of neglecting my website flew by!

I also have neglected my Have Geek Will Travel website…bad, Lin.

The good news is the floors are done, . . .

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MidSouthCon Memories- my weekend in Memphis


Another MidSouthCon at the Memphis Hilton has come and gone.

Nicki and I enjoyed hanging out at the SMT/Memphis Star Wars Fan Force table, doing a few panels, doing some shopping in the dealers room, and hanging out with friends last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I got off work a bit late on Friday (“I’m late, I’m late!” as usual)┬áso after a quick trek across town I met up with Nicki for some quick dinner across the street from the hotel. We ran into our friends the Browns and got caught up a bit with them . . .

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