“Things are a bit sketchy as I draw a blank!” Drawing on blank comic book sketch covers for fun and profit.

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Hey gang- things have gotten a bit sketchy for me lately, but in a good way.

If you’re a comic book collector you’ve probably noticed an occasional comic book on the shelves that has a blank cover. No, it’s not a printing mistake, a blizzard illustration, or a picture of a cow eating grass (“Where’s the cow?” “He ate all the grass and left!”). In fact, it’s meant not to have anything on it other than the title of the book (logo/masthead) and other info like creator credits, issue number, and prince. They are blank sketch cover variant issues. . . .

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“You rebel scum!” My Topps Star Wars Rebels Sketchcards

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Over the holidays I had some more Star Wars sketchcards on my table for Topps.

This time they were “Star Wars Rebels” cards- Imperials were included, too!

Like I normally do, I start off sketching the characters in pencil.

Then start adding markers to the drawing. I normally do 50-100 sketchcards per set, but I only did 25 cards this time.

These will all be randomly inserted into card packs for some lucky collectors to find. The set should be out this spring. I’ll have 3 artist returns available for . . .

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My Phantom of the Opera chair goes for “chair-ity”- The Orpheum’s Annual Auction


Hey, gang- sorry for the lack of posts lately. Have been super busy between day job (overtime bigtime), home improvements (new floors and remodeled Batcave and Fangirl room), side art projects (see this post and future sketchcard ones), going out of town (see future Have Geek Will Travel posts) and some health issues (nothing serious- getting better!). Hoping to catch up on updating my sites over the holidays.

Earlier this month was the Orpheum Theatre’s 36th Annual Auction which benefits their new Orpheum Centre for Performing Arts & Education building being constructed next door to the historic theater.

My wife . . .

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