Mando Monday – My Mandalorian Sketchcards

Hey, gang-

During my Christmas break I got a few new Star Wars sketchcards drawn. These were all done on official Topps artist return blanks using “The Mandolarian” reference from some of the magazines and art books I’d picked up before the holidays. I dig the show and like the character designs.

First up is Mando– started off sketching with some HB pencil, then broke out my Copic markers.

I tried layering the colors- not sure how successful I was because the cardstock wouldn’t accept the markers like I’d hoped. I did my inking with an 03 Pigma Micron pen.

Then finished it up with some white highlights with a Gelly Roll pen and a white Prismacolor pencil. I usually spray a light coating of workable spray fixative to help give the card a bit of ‘tooth’ for the pencil, then spray the card lightly again once I’m finished.

And here’s the finished Star Wars: Evolutions” sketchcard.

Next on the drawing table is Paz Vizsla. Again I started with an HB pencil, then layering in color with Copics.

This paperstock, like the other Galaxy and Evolution cards wasn’t letting the colors darken up like I wanted, even when going over them.

I did the detail work with Micron (black) and Gelly Roll (white) pens- and added a few more highlights with a white Prismacolor pencil.

The finished Star Wars: Galaxy 7” sketchcard.

I love me some  Grogu (AKA “Baby Yoda“), and started sketching his cute mug out with pencil. For this one I used my wooden HB pencil, but sometimes I will use a harder H to sketch, and then the HB to darken up the lines. Really depends on how much “sketching” I think I’ll do.


Had a similar reaction with the markers to the card like I did on the other two- remember having to draw more creatures on previous Star Wars sets for Topps before. Was getting a bit of a texture effect, but for Grogu- especially his robe and skin tones, it worked to my advantage.

Finished him up with my Pigma Micron (03), Gelly Roll pen, and white Prismacolor pencil. Like I said, I usually do a light dusting layer of workable fixative before doing the colored pencil to help give it a bit of tooth/texture to hold on to- then add a final layer of spray-fix when done.

And here’s the finished Star Wars: Galaxy 6” sketchcard


I’ve drawn The Mandalorian and Grogu before on a sketchcover

…and Grogu on a sketchcard. Hope to do some new Boba Fett ones soon.

I have several of my hand drawn sketchcards and a few sketchcovers available for sale at a comic shop here in Memphis- The Cellar, and will have these Mando artist return sketchcards (and my Ghostbusters personal sketchcards) available there soon. I don’t do commissions, but as I draw new pieces I will be offering them for sale at this shop. Official artist returns- $100ea & personal sketchcards- $25ea.
If you’re interested in drawing your own sketchcards check with your local art store or search online for blanks.
You can hear more about how I do sketchcards and sketchcovers- and how I price them on my “Drawing Funny” podcast.

The Cellar: Tabletop Games & Comics

2737 Bartlett Blvd

Bartlett, TN 38134

(901) 382-8623


PS-  if you stop by in person be sure to snag some free Drawing Funny podcast swag.
Mando Monday – My Mandalorian Sketchcards
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