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I Drew A K-2SO Star Wars Sketchcover- The Captain Said I Had To.

Since “Rogue One” comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray this week I thought I’d post a blog about the K-2SO sketchcover I recently finished. My wife Nicki and I both really enjoyed the movie. We knew how it’s “sequel” from 1977 turns out, but really had no clue about it and any of...


Star Wars Galactic Files ep6- “Return Of The Lefty!” (More Sketchcards!)

Hey, gang- today I got approval  from Topps on more of my Star Wars Galactic Files sketchcards. I did a group of some with a sandy/gold background, and drew a Rancor for the first time. Also did a few cartoony ones for a change- needed a break in style for a bit. I’m just over halfway...