Mando Monday- The Cards Of Boba Fett

Hey, gang-

I’ve been drawing more Star Wars sketchcards. This time I’ve been focusing on Boba Fett and working on Star Wars: Evolutions artist return blanks from Topps.

I’ve been watching the Disney+ show, and have always been a big fan of the character and his design since I first saw him in the trailer for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Like most cards, I started off with pencil. This time I used a click pencil with HB lead.

Then I got out my Copic markers and started laying in the background and base colors- reds, blues, yellow.

Then I came in with some of the darker colors for my shading- greens, browns, greys.

I used an 03 Pigma Micron pen for the inking/details. An 03 is usually my go to pen size, but it I’m wanting to show depth of field (especially on a sketchcover or larger drawing) I’ll use an 05 or 08 for foreground figures/outlines, an o3 for middle-ground and some details, and an 01 for backgrounds and tiny details. 

Then I used a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen for my white highlights and scratches. Came back over some details with markers to tone them down a bit. Sometimes I’ll use a white Sanford Uinball gel pen for highlights, but need to pick up some new ones. There are lots of different pens and pencils you can use for your highlights and/or inking. Experiment with some and find what works for you.

I sprayed a light coating of Krylon workable spray-fixative, then used a white Prismacolor pencil to do more highlights and shading and another coat of fixative when done.

Here’s the finished 3.5″x2.5″ ROTJ Boba sketchcard.


The next Boba sketchcard I did I believe is a shot in Star Wars: A New Hope from the Special Editions. Started off again with pencil on another Evolutions blank.

Then I used some beige and sand Copic markers for the hanger background.

I added some reds, yellows, and more browns in Copic.

Next I started on my greens and blues with my Copics- layering the colors as I went. I’m not crazy about how this cardstock works with the markers, but it was always hit or miss with the blanks I got form Topps. 

I inked it with a Pigma Micron pen. Pretty sure I used an 03 on it all, but may have used an 01 for some of the smaller details.

I used a white Gelly Roll for the highlights and scratches. Like my previous one I came back over some of the white with a light grey Copic maker.

Did a quick spray of fixative and then added more highlights and shading with a white Prismacolor pencil.

The finished ANH Boba Fett card. I don’t think most folks would know I struggled with the cardstock, and the good thing about doing Star Wars characters the effect I get from the cardstock sometimes adds to the finished piece, especially worn armor and/or aliens.


For my third Boba card I decided to do one of Temuera Morrison as the unmasked Tusken Boba Fett. I used both the click and wooden HB pencil.

Used some Copic flesh-tones like beige, sand, and skin pink for his face.

Added a bit of those colors to the background.

Used a putty Copic and some other greens over the beige and yellow for the background, and some darker blues for his cloak/robes.

Added some light and dark grey Copics to the robes and background to tone them down a bit.

Inked the details with my black Micron pen.

Highlights were with an 08 white Gelly Roll pen.

Light sprayfix, then some white Prismacolor pencil for highlights and HB pencil for some shading/details, followed by another light coat of Krylon.

And then I called it a wrap on this one. Will do a few more sketchcards with Boba and other characters from the “Book Of Boba Fett” show, and probably at least one sketchcover soon. 

You can see how I drew these other recent Star Wars: The Mandalorian official artist returns and Ghostbusters: Afterlife personal sketchcards in some of my previous posts, or see all of my sketchcards by clicking here

If you’re interested in buying any of my sketchcards I have them for sale at a comic shop here in Memphis- The Cellar. My official artist return sketchcards are $100ea, and my personal sketchcards are $25ea. I’ll be adding more to the selection and they can ship to you if you’re not in the Memphis area.

But if you are in the M-town and go by the shop you can pick up some freebie Mid-South Cartoonists Association and Drawing Funny podcast swag, including stickers, buttons, and free MSCA sketchcard blanks you can draw on. They’re located near the front entrance. The shop also sells the plastic sleeves, pages, and cases to protect your card collections.

Sketchcards are a fun way to create some unique collectibles to sell, trade, and collect and you can draw any subject matter and use all kinds of media/mediums on them. 



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Mando Monday- The Cards Of Boba Fett
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