52 Week Challenge- Challenge Accepted! My Weekly Art Submissions

Hey, gang-

Recently my wife Nicki challenged me to do a 52 week challenge for my art and her photography. Each week I do a new piece of art and she does a new photo that we share on our social media accounts (see links below).

For her photos she’s explored our neighborhood, as well as shooting at the Memphis Zoo, Woodruff-Fontaine House, Elmwood Cemetery, downtown Memphis, and the Memphis 901 FC soccer match.

We’ve had a lot of fun and so far so good- but because of life getting in the way (recent health issues and us losing our cat Harley Quinn) I’ve been behind a couple weeks here and there. Have been trying to double up to catch up!

Here are my submissions so far…

Week 1 sketchcard – Sith Trooper.

Week 2 (FR) & 3 (BK) sketchcover – Supergirl. Since this was two illustrations I counted it as two separate pieces. I will be donating this to a charity auction with SupergirlRadio.com.


Week 4 sketchcard – The Hulk.

Week 5 sketchcard – Grandpa Munster.

Week 6 sketchcard – Stay Puft.

Week 7 sketchcard – Babu Frik.

Week 8 sketchcard- The Child/Baby Yoda.

Week 9 sketchcard – Zorii Bliss.

These have all been drawn in pencil, colored in Copic markers, and detailed with Pigma Micron pens. I used a white Gelly Roll and Signo pens and a white Prismacolor pencil for highlights. Sprayed it with a matte finish fixative to protect them.

The sketchcards have been done on either my new LinWorkman.com blanks, or official Topps Star Wars blanks. I also got some new MSCA blanks for the group to use.

My latest is a CorneliusPlanet of the Apes” sketchcard on one of my personal blanks. Pencils are done, now to break out the markers.

Started on it at the Michaels Drawing Night this week. Also bought a pad of monkey stickers while I was there- only $1.oo!

I’ll have most of my weekly challenge sketchcards and sketchcovers for sale at The Cellar in Bartlett, TN.

BTW- I’ve stopped doing the Wednesday Drawing Nights at The Cellar…for now. I wasn’t getting any other folks showing up to hang out and draw, and spending time being social and drawing with other artists was the whole point of doing it. I an still doing the Mid-South Cartoonists Association monthly dinners at Garibaldi’s Pizza (1st Tuesday of the month) and the MSCA Michaels Drawing Night (2nd Tuesday of the month). You can find out more info on the MSCA Facebook page.

Don’t forget- the new MSCA zineThe Good, The Bad, The Sketchy” is available around town at Comics and Collectibles, 901 Comics, and The Cellar. I’ve got a couple pages in each, and did the cover for the first issue. I also did the Reb Brown/Captain America cover art for the upcoming RetroFan Magazine #9 from TwoMorrows Publishing.

I will be set up some at the MSCA talbes at The Cellar for Free Comic Book Day in May, and at the Memphis Comic Expo in October- more info on those events soon.

Type at ya later,



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52 Week Challenge- Challenge Accepted! My Weekly Art Submissions