Mask Monday: “Z For Zorro..!” – My Zorro Sketchcards for RRParks Cards

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I’ve posted about the sketchcards I’ve done for RRParks Cards, such as the ones done for their Ultraman, Manos, MST3K, and Halloween Trick Or Treat trading card sets. I haven’t posted the Zorro (series 2) sketchcards I did for them, but here they are- and how I created them. 

Sketchcards are trading cards you can draw/paint on and/or collect. They are normally the same size as a regular trading card, but can vary in size and paperstock. 

Most times they have a logo somewhere on the front, and an area on the back for the artist to sign plus info on the set or artist.

There are also packs of blanks (such as Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Artist Trading Cards, or Strathmore (105-904 400 Series Watercolor Artist Trading Cards, Cold Press Surface that are available at art stores or online for you to draw on or commission an artist to do an original piece of art (BTW- I don’t do commissions).

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I’ve worked on over 20 sets for various companies such as Topps, Cryptozoic, Viceroy, Breygent, and RRParks Cards as well as doing my own “personal sketchcards” that are done on my own custom printed blanks.

I’m a huge Zorro fan, so this was a fun set to work on. I’m really a fan of George Hamilton in “Zorro: The Gay Blade“, where he plays Don Diego de la Vega and his twin brother, Ramon– aka “Bunny Wigglesworth“. The movie is hilarious, and I love George as Dracula in “Love At First Bite“, too.

(Trivia- “Zorro” is the Spanish word for “fox“, and George was born in Memphis, TN and has also played Evel Knievel.)


For all of them I started off sketching out the characters in pencil. I mostly used an inexpensive click-pencil with a #2 lead.

I also used some Letraset and Prismacolor markers. I did gray-tones on some and full color on others.

Once I was done with the markers I used a black 03 Pigma Micron pen to ink the card, and then a white Gelly Roll pen and a white Prismacolor pencil for the highlights. 


When completed I would do a quick signature on the front, spray the cards with a clear fixative (I use Krylon Workable Fixative), and then sign (printed) the back of the cards and add my website address.

These are the 10 sketchcards I did for the set (including some Guy Williams and Tyrone Powers cards), and I’ll have a couple artist returns for sale later at The Cellar.

I don’t have plans for any upcoming sketchcard sets- I just have too much other things I want to get done with any free-time I have, but never say never.

If something sounds fun to work on, if I don’t have to draw too many, and I can make the time I’d be up for it again. It’s not like I don’t have the markers for it. I did finish a couple more Star Wars ones over the holiday weekend I’ll be making available after the first of the year.

If you’re interested in hearing more about sketchcards and sketchcovers please download my latest Drawing Funny“podcast episode. I discuss how I got into doing them, how I do them, where I’ve sold them, and how I price them and my paintings.

Hope you have a happy and creative 2022!



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Mask Monday: “Z For Zorro..!” – My Zorro Sketchcards for RRParks Cards
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