2020 Drawing To A Close- What I’ve Been Up To Lately Pt2: RRParks Cards

Hey, gang- did some more sketchcards for another card set by RRParks Cards. This one was “Series Four” and was based on films featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

RRParks Cards is the same company I did the MANOS: The Hands Of Fate cards for, and an upcoming Ultraman set (mine are completed but I can’t show you those just yet).

I did a few more of The Master from MANOS for this set, too. I get a kick out of his hand themed robe.

I also did some from The Pumaman , including a Donald Pleasence one.

The Pumaman is one of those MST3K movies that always stuck out to me. “Look, he’s flying- just like a PUMA..!” 


I started off with pencils (a #2 0.5mm Bic click pencil), and then started on the flesh-tones with my Copic markers.

I also used some Letraset and Prismacolor markers (mostly backgrounds). Once I was done with the markers I used a 03 Pigma Micron pen to ink the card, and then a white Gelly Roll pen and a white Prismacolor pencil for the highlights. 

I also did an alien (Trumpy) from the movie Extra Terrestrial Visitors and one of my all time favorite wacky character designs- the gorilla alien robot Ro-Man from Robot Monster (or Monster from Mars).


Used the same pencils, markers, and pens on this card as well. Sprayed a light coat of fixative on them all to protect the art.

One of these days I may have to do this costume. It’s just so funny and iconic- and I could re-purpose it as a Tracy The Gorilla from The Ghost Busters. Another one of my favorite apes.

I don’t have any plans for future sketchcard gigs- at least not at the moment. I’d like to finish up some of the many blanks I have from various sets, but if I get an invite for anything fun I can’t pass up I’ll be back at it…never say never. I do have a lot of my finished artist returns for sale at The Cellar out in Bartlett. 



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2020 Drawing To A Close- What I’ve Been Up To Lately Pt2: RRParks Cards
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