“Look, Up In The Sky- It’s A Sketchcard…Or Two!” – A Couple Super Sunday Sketchcards

Hey, gang- going to do a quick sketchcard share with you…actually there are a couple more sketchcards I recently did for the new 901 Comics Mystery Boxes.

The first one was a flying Superman in my fun “Super-kid” cartoony style. 

It was inspired by a sketchograph I got at the ’92 Memphis Fantasy Con from DC Comics legend Mike Carlin. Several years later I developed my style back in 2005 for my time in Artists Alley at the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

It wasn’t as quick as Mike’s, but I got to where I could do a quick minute or less line drawing sketch in that style at cons for kids. This particular one took a bit longer than a minute to complete.

Later I developed a few “Super-kid” comic strips to help promote the Superman Celebration.

I posted them on my Have Geek Will Travel travel blog, my social media pages, and other places on the web.


I also printined out some larger comic strips and some small single panel coloring sheets for kids to color at the event. I had a lot of fun teaching some super kids how to draw that flying pose.

I’ve done a few other Super-strips for HGWT since then for fun, as well as some other superhero drawings/paintings in that cartoony style.

My other recent sketchcard for the 901 Comics Mystery Boxes was a Bizarro one. He’s probably my favorite Superman adversary, along with Mr. Mxyzptlk. Both sketchcards were done in pencil, markers, Microns, gel pen, and Prismacolor pencil. I drew these at work when I had a few free minutes here and there between customers and entering new merch into inventory out at 901 Comics East.

The 901 Comics Mystery Boxes are now on sale at both 901 Comics locations- midtown/Cooper & Young, and Cordova/Macon Road. They make great Christmas presents for any comics collector!

And it’s no mystery that I’ve got lots of other sketchcards available for sale at 901 Comics East and The Cellar which make great stocking stuffers. You can find them up near the registers.





“Look, Up In The Sky- It’s A Sketchcard…Or Two!” – A Couple Super Sunday Sketchcards
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