“I Hate Mondays!” – My Oscar The Grouch Sketchcard (With Special Guest Sam The Eagle)

Hey, gang-

I’m back for another Muppet Monday and this time I’m bringng your favorite Grouch- no, not me…Oscar The Grouch.

It’s a sketchcard that I did for my wife, who actually shares a birthday with Oscar (I share one with Cookie Monster). We’re both big fans of The Muppets and Sesame Street.

Like most of my sketchcards, I started off in pencil and then broke out the markers

Oscar was origianlly orange, but I went with the green mossy color that stuck.


I used black Pigma Micron pen for the line art, then a white Gelly Roll pen for the highlights. Went back over some of the gel pen with markers to help blend/shade, and then a bit more white pen and some Prismacolor pencil to smooth out the highlights.


Once I was done with the art I sprayed a light coat of Krylon workable fixative, let it dry, then put it in a hard plastic sleeve and gave the finished card to my wife.

I don’t draw as much for her as I did when we first moved in together, but she still gets the occasional original art piece or sculpt from me.

And trust me, I can use all the extra huby points I can get- especially with the holidays upon us..!

Oh, speaking of the holidays, I just did this Sam The Eagle sketchcard for the upcoming Mid-South Cartoonists Association annual holiday art swap at the MSCA monthly dinner meeting at Garibaldi’s Pizza this Tuesday night, December 5th.


I used the same process as the Oscar card with pencil, markers, Micron pen, gel pen, and Prismacolor pencil on an MSCA sketchcard blank.

I’ve got several other Muppet sketchcards for sale at 901 Comics East, along with several other oersonal sketchcards and official artist returns.

PS: The 901 Comics Mystery Boxes are now in stock at both 901 Comics locationsCooper/Young (midtown) and Macon Road (Cordova). I have several handdrawn sketchcards randomly inserted in the collector boxes.

Hope you grouches and weirdos are all doing great.



“I Hate Mondays!” – My Oscar The Grouch Sketchcard (With Special Guest Sam The Eagle)
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