Cape-Con and May The Fourth Be With You!

Hey gang-

It got a bit Batty this weekend in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

But we all had an Incredible time at Cape-Con…even without capes!

Ethan Van Sciver was there signing autographs and doing some awesome sketches.

I got a Flash and several Cyber-Frog comics signed-

and picked up more guano for the bat-cave.

Decided to leave the “Exploding Man Peter” in Cape.

The drive up Saturday morning got scary leaving Memphis/West Memphis, but cleared up once we hit Missouri.

Jon Carroll and Jack-Jack drove up from Memphis on Sunday.

Antone and Janet Wade got there on Friday before the reeeeaaaallly bad weather.

Not sure when the Ninja got there…

but Ghost Rider showed up Saturday to meet his creator Gary Friedrich.

Ghost Rider also joined a lot of supers on stage for the costume contest.

Thanks to Ken Murphy for another great show!

Speaking of great shows, Nicki and I will be heading out west to the Phoenix Comic Con (Cactuscon) Memorial Day weekend.

Dave, Bushi Tales, and I got a mention by Cactuson director Matt Solberg on the Andrew Long Show podcast.

If you’re in the Phoenix area Memorial Day weekend stop by the Bushi Tales booth at Cactuscon and say hi!

May the FOURTH be with you!


Cape-Con and May The Fourth Be With You!
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