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Ghost Rights- What’s legal and what’s right..?

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about lawsuits involving Watchmen, The Walking Dead, Superman, Spawn, and the Gary Friedrich VS Marvel case over the rights to the character Ghost Rider. Most of the recent talk on the internet came about after writer Gary Friedrich had...

More Capes 1

More Capes

Hey gang- got some more pics from this year’s Cape-Con to share with you. Kids costume contest. Ethan Van Sciver drawing Wonder Woman. Close up of Ethan’s WW sketch. Antone Wade’s WW marker sketch. Me drawing WW in Nicki’s sketchbook. Close-up of my WW sketch- still got a bit to...

Cape-Con and May The Fourth Be With You! 0

Cape-Con and May The Fourth Be With You!

Hey gang- It got a bit Batty this weekend in Cape Girardeau, Mo. But we all had an Incredible time at Cape-Con…even without capes! Ethan Van Sciver was there signing autographs and doing some awesome sketches. I got a Flash and several Cyber-Frog comics signed- and picked up more guano...