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“Things are a bit sketchy as I draw a blank!” Drawing on blank comic book sketch covers for fun and profit.

Hey gang- things have gotten a bit sketchy for me lately, but in a good way. If you’re a comic book collector you’ve probably noticed an occasional comic book on the shelves that has a blank cover. No, it’s not a printing mistake, a blizzard illustration, or a picture of a...


She said “Yes!” 1 year ago today!

Last year while Nicki and I were attending the Phoenix Comicon I asked her to marry me at the con’s art auction… …and she said, “Yes!” It takes a special kind of girl to agree to marry you after you “give her the finger”… …but what can I say, we...

Phoenix ComicCon 2010 Podcast‏ 1

Phoenix ComicCon 2010 Podcast‏

Phoenix Comicon 2010 Bob Bretall is joined by guests Al Sparrow, Dave Beaty, and Lin Workman (Me!) in a round table episode of the Comic Book Page Podcast to reminisce about the 2010 Phoenix Comic Con. Listen to the highlights and see why we all think it should not be...