“BAT-ter Up!” – My Latest RRParks Halloween Sketchcards And “Bats” Trading Card Set

Hi, gang- it’s fall and October which means it’s my favorite time of year. Halloween and my birthday are both almost here..!

It’s been a busy scary season as usual again this year with the Mid-South Cartoonists Association‘s Drawing Blood” art show at Germantown Community Theatre, October MSCA dinner meet-up and Drink-N-Draw, plus the upcoming  Halloween Comic Fest at 901 Comics East, and working on a variety of sketchcards.

This year I was a returning sketchcard artist for RRParks CardsHalloween Trick Or Treat” 1oth annual cardset.

I did 20 more hand drawn sketchcards for the Series 11 trading card set.

Each was done using pencil, Copic markers, Pigma Micron pens, Gelly Roll pen, and Prismacolor pencil.


They are part of a Kickarter campaign that was fully funded, and cards are being shipped out for Halloween enjoyment.


Well, this year I’ve also got a subset of 10 “Bats” trading cards in this year’s RRParks Halloween set.

There is also a 3D “LINticular” flicker motion card which changes from one bat to another when you turn the card.

I’ve got several card packs, 3D cards, and uncut sheets of the trading cards that I will be selling at upcoming shows.

Richard Parks also sent me some more Halloween sketchcard blanks. My “Bats” cards started off as sketchcards for the 2022 Halloween set. Richard liked them so much he proposed using them not only as basecards for this year’s set, but their own subset. I plan on doing more card sets in the future.

This isn’t my first card set- that was about 15yrs ago with my “Bushi Tales” cohorts, Dave Beaty and Micah Stewart.

We did a 9 card set and an earlier promo trading card through our comic book printer, Morgan Printing.


We would sell them in packs or give away a different card each day of conventions we were set up at like the Phoenix Comic Con (above).


If you’d like to purchase a pack of my “Bats” trading cards with bonus 3D card stop on by the Halloween Comic Fest at 901 East Comics

…or the MSCA @ GCT Mini-Con at the Germantown Community Theatre. I’ll be set up at both.

Hope to see you there!



(Wild Again in Mississippi Rescue & Rehabilitation) and more Bat Facts HERE.

Funny story for you…

Okay, so one night while hunting for nightcrawlers (big worms) in our backyard with my mom and dad there were a few bats flying around overhead. My mom was afraid they were going to swoop down and get in her hair. My dad would tell her they weren’t going to bother her, but each time one would get near she would scream, “LINDSAY..!!!”
I saw a rotten apricot next to me and tossed it to land near my mom. Well, my aim was off and it nailed her square in the top of her head..!
She screamed, tossed her flashlight and bucket of worms in the air and ran back up to the house.
Not sure how long it was before she found out what exactly had happened.
Yeah, I survived that…🦇
Oh, and for the record one of my first jobs was selling worms from our front porch for $.25dz. The main HWY up to Weber Canyon ran in front of our house in Ogden, UT.
The irrigation water could flood our backyard during the afternoon and the worms would come to the surface. I’d go out back with a bucket and flashlight and pick them up. There was an old washer buried in the ground we’d store them in.
We also had a creek with trout in it that ran beside the house and lots of fruit trees in the backyard. That’s me in the center with my friends, Clarence (L) and his brother Steve (R) on the raft we build and would float up and down the creek on- and later would turn it into a go-cart. They lived on a small farm on the next street over behind us. I don’t think any of us knew how to swim at the time, but we spent a lot of summers in that creek and playing in irrigation ditches.
It was a great place to grow up. Unfortunately the house we lived in and the big backyard is all a fast food place and parking lot now.
“BAT-ter Up!” – My Latest RRParks Halloween Sketchcards And “Bats” Trading Card Set