No monsters under my bed, but plenty on my drawing board! Scaring up some new sketchcards.

Well, I’m currently working on something that I’ve loved to do since I was a kid…


…draw MONSTERS! (Yep, those are a couple of my first monster drawings- age 5.)


I’m honored to be one of the sketchcard artists on the upcoming “The Art Of Robert Aragon” set from MNS Cards.


Robert Aragon is a renowned portrait and horror artist who has done work on trading cards, children’s books, graphic novels and more.

photo (10)

I’m getting a chance to draw some great old monsters like Nosferatu and classic horror actors like Lon Chaney!

photo (13)

Doing most of the 3.5″x2.5″ cards in B/W with grey Copic markers.


I was excited to be asked to be a part of  this card set, but when I found out Bob and Kathy Burns were doing autographs and I could draw Bob‘s Kogar and Tracy the gorilla characters- I knew I had to be on this project! Bob played/trained Tracy on the live action The Ghost Busters TV show back in 1975, and he and Kathy have a cameo in Peter Jackson’s King Kong movie.


I met Bob and Kathy at Wonderfest in Louisville, KY and have run into them at other shows over the years (that’s at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con). They have done Halloween shows at their home in Burbank, were make-up mentors (and victims) for Rick Baker, have been actors, and have an amazing collection of Hollywood memorabilia. If you haven’t seen Bob’s book It Came from Bob’s Basement you can order a copy here. Bob owns the original King Kong armature and the Time Machine plus many, many, many more incredible movie props and costumes. He’s inherited many items from Hollywood friends.  There is also a DVD documentary called Beast Wishes about them, their collection, and their amazing Hollywood friends.


Each of my sketchcards will be signed by me and randomly inserted into trading card packs. Some horror celebrity autographed cards (including Bob and Kathy and Julie Adams) and other chase cards will also be up for grabs for some lucky fans who buy the cards.




So far I’ve done 25 sketchcards and will be doing a few more. I’ll have at least 6 artist returns for sale on my site, and the set is scheduled for release later this year in September. I’m also working on two other sketchcard sets- one is a “Carnival” set for Viceroy Card Company, but I can’t talk about the other one…yet! 😉

I can tell you I will be having another art show at Theatre Memphis this October during their run of Young Frankenstein. Not sure on what the exact dates are for my show or opening reception, but the musical runs from October 11 – November 3 and I’ll have plenty of my “monsterpieces” on display in the lobby/gallery areas.


It will be much like my Sherlock Holmes show there in 2011.


Oh, and one final bit of news- the Breygent Transformers card set I did sketchcards for will be released next month! I’ll have 6 artist returns for sale then.

Beast Wishes!


No monsters under my bed, but plenty on my drawing board! Scaring up some new sketchcards.

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