Just Another Busy Weekend With More Plans Than Time

They’ve really got to perfect cloning. This weekend and a few more on the horizon make me want to seek out the power to create one- if only I had the money and time! Seems like this time of year I need to be in two- or three places at once. Gets like that this time of year it seems. Friday I spent most of the day at the haunt working on the 3-D clown area. Got a lot done, but still have a good bit to go for this one section. Did more today, and will work a bit more tomorrow after Nicki and I run a couple errands. Think it’s going to be pretty cool and will add some new scares and boo spots. Got to have lunch with Nicki and some of her co-workers at Genghis Grill on Friday. The weather was nice so we got to sit outside and eat. The food was really good. I had some beef/steak with mushrooms, broccoli, onions, and rice. Gotta go back and try some other combinations. Today we did Red Robin for lunch- “Yum!” Love getting to see Nicki in the middle of the day, too.

Saturday morning Nicki and I got up early and headed down to the Banks House for the grand opening reception. It’s the new DeSoto Arts Council’s new “art house and is next door to the old one. The weather was amazing and we had a good turnout for it. This area really supports the arts.

I set set up a table out in the front yard under a shade tree to do a sculpting demo. I took our wedding topper and a Superman sculpt for Metropolis’s next art show to work on while I was there. Had a good time sculpting and talking to folks. Even saw some old friends. Lots of other artists were set up too doing pottery, jewelry, glass blowing, portraits, weaving, and wood carving. The gift shop in the gallery was open, too. I had a few folks say they saw my comics and sketchbooks in there. Nicki had a lot of subjects to shoot with her new toy and wandered around exploring the grounds and checking out the art gallery inside. A bit later she walked down the street to the Farmers Market on Court Square. She’s gotten really good in a very short time. I’m proud of my shutterbug. Was also happy she brought me back a strawberry shake from “The Dip“!

I hadn’t planned on selling anything, but my William Shakespeare sculpt found a good home and I got some gas money for my Popeye Picnic trip on Sunday. Glad Nicki had her camera!

After everyone else started to tear down around 5pm we went ahead and carried my set up back to the car and then came back to enjoy the artists reception. Glad we did- they had cupcakes from AnnOlivias! The space inside is looking great, and it had a great mix of art. Really loved some of the hand carved wood vases.

Can’t wait until next October. Really hoping we can do a Halloween art show and costumed reception- especially since Elm Street runs beside the art house!

I was going to go to the Popeye Picnic in Chester, IL on Saturday, but postponed it until Sunday. Kevin Williams had to cancel, but Tim Brown and I headed out first thing in the morning and had a blast. It was about a 3hr drive, but very easy to find. If we could have gone up the Mississippi River it would have been a straight shot. Like Memphis, it’s a river town.

I’ve got a full travel blog on HaveGeekWillTravel.com– my new geek travel blog and webtoon. Be sure to “Like” it on Facebook or “Follow” me on Twitter- @have_geek

We did get to stop by Lambert’s Cafe f0r dinner on the way back home. Had some sweet tea, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, baby carrots, a couple servings of “pass-arounds“, and a couple throwed rolls. Had to put most of it in a box to go, and picked up a jar of apple-butter in the gift shop on the way out. That stuff rocks!

Finally finished off my to go box tonight for dinner!

I’ll be heading back out to the haunt tomorrow. Will be posting pics of what I’ve been doing soon. Forgot my camera today!

Have got a job interview downtown on Thursday. It’s my third call back and could possibly be the final one. Got a speech to learn for it. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something after it. I think it’ll be a very interesting job, and I get to dress like a grown up for it. Looks like I may have to lose the facial hair. I don’t mind, but Nicki isn’t thrilled. She likes the beard.

Well, wish me luck!


Just Another Busy Weekend With More Plans Than Time
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