Super-sightings! Metropolis pt2…Enter Jor-Elvis!!!

Hey, gang-

Got a few more pics from the Metropolis Superman Celebration to share.

This time costumes and…Jor-Elvis!

Jor-Elvis made his debut on Saturday night at the 4th Annual Fan Film Awards in Artists Alley put on by Tim Brown and TCB Video Productions.

After the video intro Tim came out as my “Sweet Inspiration(s)”. Tim also did all the vocals for the performance.

Then it was time for Jor-Elvis to hit the stage for his rendition of “See, See Fan Films“.

We had a standing room only crowd for the fan films again this year!

While the films were running inside Artists Alley Jor-Elvis “left the building” to go get a cool beverage with Nicki, Tim, and Traci on Market Street.

Tim and I picked up a couple corn dogs as well while we were out on the midway. (‘Elvis’ painting by Trevor Hawkins.)

We also also hung out with DC comic artist Jamal “Bootsy” Igle.

The big winner of the night was John Gleckler. He not only won first place, but second as well!

Third place went to Robb Pratt for his amazing “Superman Classic” animated short.

After the awards we wrapped up the silent auction for the Save The Massac Theater fund in Metropolis with an assist by Stephanie Perrin.

I donated my Scott Cranford Superman painting (above with Stephanie) and did this marker illustration of the theater’s marquee.

After the fan films and silent auction was over it was time for the dance party! Angie Shelton, Karla Ogle, and Lisa Gower and many of the other ladies from the Chamber of Commerce stopped by.

The next morning we headed down to Market Street for the costume contest and Parade of Heroes.

Superman was the parade leader from the Superman statue end of Market Street up to the Noel Neill/Lois Lane end and back down again.

After walking the parade route we stopped for a group photo back at Superman Square.

The shorter folks needed to go to the front so Kid Flash and I moved forward.

We had a great turnout and the parade was a lot of fun!

Next we headed over to the main tent for the costume contest.

I went up in the “Hero” division. As I hit the stage I forgot all of my lines I had rehearsed waiting beside the tent- D’oh!

Luckily Timmy had my back and after a few seconds I remembered my bit and even added a few extra lines.

It also helped that Josh and Steve were great at improve and played along.

Some of the audience were great at playing along- like Karla when I handed out the capes/scarves and leis.

The red and blue mini capes Tim made were a great prop and a big hit with the crowd!

My on-stage karate moves were very popular, too- and nobody got hurt, including me!

Nicki tried to keep me cool while we were waiting for the judges to make their decision on the winners.

Speaking of cool- I ran into my good friend and Noel Neill biographer Larry Ward

…as well as Metropolis’ Mayor Billy McDaniel.

A few minutes later Mayor Billy announced that I had won “Crowd Favorite“!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me! “Thank yuh, thank yuh veruh much!

After the contest I got to go check out more of the celebration and teach some kids my karate moves.

Showed Superman and Mayor Billy how to Jor-Elvis pose for the camera, too.

The Bat-Boat was parked next to the Superman statue. Luckily the Ohio River had gone down and the boat didn’t have to float in.

Ran into the Caped Crusader up the street by the Chamber of Commerce- chick’s dig the cape!

Also ran into Jor-El on Market Street, too.

If you’re ever in Memphis or Metropolis look Jor-Elvis up!





Super-sightings! Metropolis pt2…Enter Jor-Elvis!!!
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