Hey gang-

This month I went back to visit Metropolis, IL– the official home of Superman!

It was time again for the annual Superman Celebration.

I was back at Artists Alley and had the privilege to meet Tracy Roberts Lewis–  Lex Luthor’s girlfriend Darla on the Superboy TV show. She was by far one of the nicest folks there, as well as the nicest smelling person in Metropolis.

I also got to hang out with Mark PillowNuclear Man from the movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. And for a super villain, I must say he was super nice, too!

Tracy and Mark were both on hand Friday night at Artists Alley to intro a showing of Superman IV and a couple of the Superboy episodes.

Tracy wore the original Darla dress from the TV show, and even The Man of Steel made an appearance. The audience loved it

On Saturday afternoon Nicki and I headed over to one of the VIP autograph sessions at the Bantera Bank. Superman was on hand to help keep an eye on the bank and take pics with fans like us.

The first celebrity we met was Alaina HuffmanBlack Canary from SMALLVILLE. Very nice lady and I wish they would have let her have her long hair on SMALLVILLE. Like all of the SMALLVILLE cast I’ve met she was even prettier in person.

Next up was Sam HuntingtonJimmy Olsen from Superman Returns. Great guy- very funny.

Since he was in Fanboys as a Star Wars fan I figured I’d throw up the Star Trek hand sign. As soon as he raised his hand he remembered he didn’t like Trekkies in the movie and said, “I can’t do that- that’s Star Trek!” He then quickly turned it into a gang sign! Live long and prosper, Sam!

At the end of the row of tables sat Superman himself- Brandon Routh from Superman Returns!

I had sold this painting earlier in the day to the guy on the right and was going to get it and his Superman Returns doll signed for him. He was a nice guy and a big Supes fan.

Well, he and his mom offered to carry the painting and doll over for me, and while waiting with us in line he got an extra VIP ticket for free …

…and got to meet Brandon and get them both signed himself- talk about lucky!

Speaking of lucky, earlier in the day Nicki was lucky enough to get several shots of Sam, Alaina, and Brandon in front of the Superman statue.

Lots more Super stuff from Metropolis and Artists Alley coming next update…


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