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Bidding in Memphis!

This past Saturday night Nicki and I attended the Orpheum Theatre’s 33rd Annual Auction in downtown Memphis with our friends Tim, Traci, Rhonda, and Lynn. I got a few free tickets ($100 each!) for donating one of my Monsterpieces and painted a “MEMPHIS” chair for their annual auction, which raises...


11-11-11 Nigel Tufner Day Celebration!

This past Friday- November 11th, our friends Tim and Traci threw a Spinal Tap movie party for 11-11-11, also know as “Nigel Tufner Day“. If you haven’t seen the movie “This Is Spinal Tap” you may not get the “11” significance. (See below) Nigel Tufnel: The numbers all go to...


Super-sightings! Metropolis pt2…Enter Jor-Elvis!!!

Hey, gang- Got a few more pics from the Metropolis Superman Celebration to share. This time costumes and…Jor-Elvis! Jor-Elvis made his debut on Saturday night at the 4th Annual Fan Film Awards in Artists Alley put on by Tim Brown and TCB Video Productions. After the video intro Tim came...