My little buddy Zayne is gone.

Hey gang,

If you follow me on Facebook you know I recently lost one of my best friends- my kitty Zayne. He passed away last night around 9:25pm. Nicki and I held and petted him until he was gone, and then we petted him some more. His body just shut down due to F.I.P. and liver failure.

I’ve had cats in the past and love animals but I’m not what I would have called a “cat person”, but Zayne and his adopted sister Jarael (both named after characters in our friend John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic comic- one of Nicki’s favorite) changed that the moment we chose them, or as Nicki says, “We didn’t pick them, they chose us.”

They’ve both brought a lot of happiness into our home, and instantly became family. He was only about 8 weeks old (best guess) when we got him (Jarael was around 5 months old), but he already had a personality and shared a lot of affection.

He’s been sick from time to time since we got him in December, but he always was a fighter and would bounce back like he really had nine lives. He would get sick, we’d take him to the vet and nurse him back, and he’d be fine again and playing/fighting with Jarael (like siblings do). Our vet Dr. Pattberg is great, and the folks at the DeSoto County animal shelter couldn’t have been nicer (Hi, Mambo!). He even finally started putting on weight and length and not looking like a “bobble-head” kitty. He was a little pig when it came to feeding time and could shame some piranhas! He could hear the food hit the bowl and be across the house before we could finish pouring it.

But our “karate-kitty” wasn’t just a fighter, he was a lover, too- our “cuddle-kitty”.

They loved to synchro-sleep and nuzzle in Nicki’s hair.

Zayne was also a bit of a couch potato and liked to watch Nicki play video games.

We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter cat or nicer friend.

We’re going to miss our little buddy. The house seemed so empty this morning without him.

Daddy and mommy love ya, Zayne.


My little buddy Zayne is gone.
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