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An Emperor’s Hand- And My Left

Hey gang- I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently- “What are sketchcards?” and “Where can I get them?” They are trading cards with hand drawn original art on them (pencils, inks, makers, paint, ect.)… …which are one of a kind collectible cards and randomly inserted into trading card...

My little buddy Zayne is gone. 0

My little buddy Zayne is gone.

Hey gang, If you follow me on Facebook you know I recently lost one of my best friends- my kitty Zayne. He passed away last night around 9:25pm. Nicki and I held and petted him until he was gone, and then we petted him some more. His body just shut...

PKD Podcast and KOTOR Kitties 0

PKD Podcast and KOTOR Kitties

Hey gang- The second part of the interview Wonton and I did with Shawn Pryor and Jon Carroll for The Black Box podcast is now available. We talk more about digital comics, distribution, web comics, Jetta, Bushi Tales, my B/W art show and Comic Whore site. KOTOR Kitties Our recently...