It’s a boy…and a girl!

I should probably say, “It’s a girl and a boy!”, but either way we has kitties!


This weekend Nicki and I adopted two kitties- “Zayne & Jarael“.


It started off as a quick trip over to the DeSoto County Animal Shelter in Nesbit, MS (662-429-5013) to see about a cat named “Mambo” that Nicki had seen on their website.


When we got there we found out that he had been adopted already, but was still at the shelter. We got to meet him and play with him a bit before going to look at the other kittens.


When we walked in a white cat in the middle of the room first came up to Nicki. She walked back and forth in her cage and would rub up against the front and let Nicki pet her. The cat was a purring machine!


There were some other kittens that were really cute- three grey and white ones from the same litter, but when Nicki would play with them they would try to nibble and bite her fingers. “No biters.” Nicki said. There was a little guy on the top right who was all alone and when I walked in the room he was the one that first tried to get my attention.


Nicki asked me which one I thought she should get and I told her I thought the white one seemed to take to her best (while the whole time I was thinking, “Please pick this little guy!”) , but it was really up to her. Nicki picked the white female cat (who they had named “Charlie”) and started to follow the worker back to the reception area to fill out the adoption papers on her new 4 month old kitty.


I just stood there staring at the little guy and I started to cry. I hated to think of him without a home and still tear up when I think about it.

Nicki asked, “Are you ready to go, Babe?”

I turned around and barely got out, “Can we get him..?”

She asked, “Do you want him instead of the white one?”

“No.” I said.

“Do you want to take them both home?” Nicki asked as I continued to tear up and shook my head “yes”. “I can’t leave him…”, I told her as a couple tears ran down my face and I fought back some sniffles. She said ok and told the lady we’d be adopting two today.

It’s all Mambo’s fault!


The kitties were part of our Christmas to each other. The pet adoption fees were only $25 for each cat, and that included their shots and tests, plus they got a cute blanket to take home- which they love to sleep on.


We loaded their cat-carriers into the back of the Batmobile and took them home to Nicki’s and the future “the Bat-cave” room at her house. They seemed to like their new digs (neither is fond of the vacuum cleaner, though), and we found out both were litter box trained- bonus!


Zayne found a hiding place after his encounter with the vacuum.


They both like to hang out on an arm, shoulder, or up anywhere close to you.


They also seemed to like each other and get along…


…most of the time..!



It took us all weekend to come up with new names for them (I believe Zayne was called “Maxwell” from what I saw on their website). We ran through several name combinations.


Finally we agreed on “Zayne & Jarael“- two of Nicki’s favorite Star Wars characters from “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” comic series written by our friend John Jackson Miller.



I don’t know if they know how lucky they are to be adopted, but I know I feel lucky to have them and Nicki this Christmas. After adopting them I think I’m finally in the Christmas spirit!


Now if I could just find a 9′ outdoor extension cord for the lights..!


I love my kids- daddy will be home soon!


It’s a boy…and a girl!
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