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Chicago Comic Con
Saturday night, August 8th
7:30 – 9:30 PM
John Ostrander Auction Sponsored by

Room: International Ballroom B

Price: $15.00
John recently under went a surgical procedure called Glaucoma Filtration Surgery (trabeculectomy). The surgery is a treatment when medications cannot lower eye pressure enough. Excess interior fluid in the eye or pressure erodes the optic nerve – that’s basically what glaucoma does. Over the past several decades, John had grown resistant or allergic to some of the meds he had been taking that have kept the pressure down.

John could not afford the surgeries on his own. At Chicago Comic-Con, is joining forces with Wizard Entertainment to hold a charity auction the evening of Saturday August 8th. The goal is to raise sufficient funds to help cover the costs of John’s treatments and it is John’s expressed wish that should we raise funds above his needs, that excess money is to be donated to The Hero Initiative to help them continue their great works aiding comic creators in their times of need.

Any admission charged at the auction covers the cost the hotel is
charging us as well as a small donation to the fund. Wizard or anyone
besides comix4sight is not making any money from the tickets sold.

And we decided since the auction is being held at a time that doesn’t
allow for people to have dinner and such that food and an open bar
would be attractive.


Ooh- looks like there will be a bar and some food. Wish I could be there!


More John O info
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