“Big & Tall!” – A Full Body Muppet Monday With Big Bird And Sweetums Sketchcards

Hey, gang- welcome to another Muppet Monday. This time it’s a sketchcard double shot of two of my favorite full body MuppetsBig Bird and Sweetums. Both characers were hand drawn on my own custom personal sketchcard blanks I had printed up a while back.

I started off with a BiC #2(HB) 0.5mm mechanical pencil. I like doing my sketching with them since I don’t have to keep sharpening them. I then broke out some yellow markers to start filling in the beak and feathers. 

I then got out a couple teal blue markers. I use few different brands these days, and for this sketchcard I mostly used OhuhuWeisbrandt, and a few Copic markers

I then got some pinks and reds for the tongue and inside of the mouth- using mostly the brush tip end of the markers. 


I did some line work with a black 03 Pigma Micron pen. For some of the highlights and white facial feathers I used a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen.


I used a white Prismacolor pencil for blending/softening some of the highlights like on the bill. Sometimes I’ll sign the card and spray a light coat of clear Krylon Workable Fixative to give the card’s surface a bit more tooth for the colored pencil. Once done I’ll spray the card again with a few more light coats of the spray-fixative to protect the card.


Pretty much the same process for the Sweetums sketchcard- start off sketching in pencil.


For this card I started off with pinks and flesh colored markers for the nose, mouth, and eye bags.

Then I used more browns/tans for the fur, along with some yellow for the eyes.

I used a couple dark teal markers for the background, and added some greys and yellow to the fur/hair.

I used a black Micron pen for the line art- and tried to keep it minimal. Again a white Gelly Roll pen was used for the hightlihts and I came back over them some with brown/tan/grey markers to blend them.


Finished up the highlights with a white Prismacolor pencil. For this one I needed a bit more tooth for the pencil to hold on to so I signed the card with a Micron, did a light coat of sprayfix, let it dry for a bit, finished the hightlights, and then did a final couple coats of Krylon.

Both of these cards will be for sale at The Cellar Tabletop Games & Comics out in Bartlett, TN (Memphis suburb).

I also have other cards for sale at The Cellar…

…along with more sketchcards out at 901 Comics East on Macon Road in Cordova, TN (photos above).

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If you’d like to know more about sketchcards, and/or would like some freebie ones to draw on yourself be sure to stop by either the MSCA Drink-N-Draw on January 17th or the Sat-Art-Day on February 17th out at 901 Comics East, or stop by our next MSCA monthly dinner meetup.

I’ll even have some markers and other art supplies on hand for you to try out at the 901 Comics East events.



Sesame Street – www.sesamestreet.org

The Muppets – www.muppets.disney.com

“Big & Tall!” – A Full Body Muppet Monday With Big Bird And Sweetums Sketchcards