“Here, Kitty-kitty..!” – My Loth-cat Sketchcard

According to Wookieepedia, Loth-cats are a non-sentient member of the feline tooka species native to Lothal, often found in the grassy plains of that Outer Rim planet.


One was recently featured in the Star Wars series “Ahsoka” as Sabine Wren’s kitty. The show I had mixed feelings about, but I was very pro Loth-cats.

For this cat card I started off with pencils using a yellow #2 on a Star Wars Galaxy sketchcard blank. I still have a few returns left over from my time working with Topps. I then broke out markers. Started filling in the background first. Sabine is all about bright colors so I wanted this card to reflect that.

I then started working in tans/browns and grey. 

For this card I used some of the various markers that my friend Vicky gave me. I also like to use Copic, Prismacolor, and Letraset ones. It really just depends on the colors I need and what’s on hand at the time. I keep the sets given to me at 901 Comics East for our MSCA Sat-Art-Days and Drink-N-Draw events.

After coloring with the markers I started doing the line work with a black Pigma Micron pen- 03 nib size, which is usually my go to size. After that I used a white Signo gel pen and a Gelly Roll gel penfor my highlights.

I finished off the highlights with a white Prismacolor pencil. Once done I signed the front and gave it a light coat of Krylon workable spray fixative.


The finished Topps card is available for sale at 901 Comics East along with many of my other artist returns and personal sketchcards.

I also have more handdrawn sketchcards available for sale at The Cellar out on Bartlett Blivd., too. 

Thanks to everyone who donated to my birthday fundraiser on Facebook for the Tunica Humane Society– we raised $378.00!


“Here, Kitty-kitty..!” – My Loth-cat Sketchcard
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