Just Another Muppet Monday- More Muppets Sketchcards

Hey, gang-

Thought I’d share more of my Muppets sketchcards with you.

I’ve been working on them at some of our recent MSCA Sat-Art-Days and Drink-N-Draw nights out at 901 Comics East.

Up first is Fozzie The Bear…”Wocka wocka!”

I started off with a click pencil with HB lead, and also used a yellow #2 pencil to sketch him out.

Then I broke out some markers to start laying in colors. 

My friend Vicky Neyman gave us a buinch of different brands to use for our Mid-South Cartoonists Association/MSCA drawing evcents. We’ve got about 6 pouches of design markers, and several Sharpies and other markers and art supplies available for anyone to use.

Once I had to colors done I started inling with a black Pigma Micron pen. I usually use an 03, but also occasionally use a thinner 01 or a thicker 05 when needed.

For the white highlights I use a Gelly Roll pen first…

…and then a white Prismacolor pencil. Sometimes I might do it the other way around or add more Gelly Roll pen. When I do that I do a light coating of workable spray fixative inbetween. 


Once one is completely done I’ll take it outside and spray the card with a couple light coats of fixative.


Next up was Kermit The Frog.

For Kermit I did the same techniques- pencil first, then markers.

And more markers.

Then outlining with a Pigma Micron pen, and white highlights with the Gelly Roll pen and Prismacolor pencil.

The finished Kermit sketchcard…”Yaaaaaaaaaay..!”

Last, but not least- I drew a Miss Piggy sketchcard. I was filling in for my co-worker Jamal so I wasn’t able to sit in the back room with the gang for this Sat-Art-Day, but I did get a bit of sketching done in between helping customers.

Like the others, I started off with penciling, then some pink and fleshtone markers…

…used about 4-5 or so shades of those, then some greys and other detail colors…

…added the background and hair color, followed by inking with a Micron…

…and then adding the white highlights with Gelly Roll pen and Prismacolor pencil.

And, VIOLA! Here’s the vinished Piggy card. Just need to add a light coat of spray fixative.


I’ve had fun drawing the Muppet sketchcards and have started working on a few more that I’ll share with you next week.

I drew all the Muppets on MSCA sketchcard blanks and will have them available for sale at the upcoming Memphis Libraries Comic Con on Saturday, May 6th (Free Comic Book Day) at the main library on Poplar Avenue.

You can see how I created my three previous ones by clicking HERE.

Our next MSCA Drink-N-Draw is this Wednesday night, from 6-8pm at 901 Comics East.


901 Comics East
8551 Macon Rd.
Cordova, TN 38018
(901) 249-7959

Birthplace of the Frog: An Exhibit of Jim Henson’s Delta Boyhood 
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Just Another Muppet Monday- More Muppets Sketchcards