Peace On Earth, And Art On Area 51’s Wall

Hey, gang-

I haven’t done a lot of sketching the last few weeks, but did crank out some small marker toons for the hanging Christmas tree display/decoration we have on the wall at Area 51 Ice Cream (where I work part time).

Earlier this month my co-workers and I did some holiday decorating around the shop before having our company Christmas party.

The tree card/photo display needed something, so I decided to draw up these 5 toons.

“Peace On Earth” and my alien Santa/elf.

“Ho, ho, whoooooooooa..!”

Alien wreath.

Christmas tree UFO.

The tree display, and the shop’s Elvis tapestry.

My boss Steve Cubbage dressed up his A51 truck for the Hernando Christmas Parade on December 6th.

I had fun walking with Lin the alien and taking pics along the parade route. 


My co-workers either rode in the truck or walked alongside and handed out candy to some of the spectators.

We had a lot of folks shout out what ice cream flavors they want to see return!


There were around 70 floats, vehicles, bands, and more in the annual parade down Commerce Street.


Ran into Nicki and one of her co-workers near the old A51 location near Church Park.

We met up again towards the end of the parade route.

She and I earlier in the week walked around the Hernando Court Square and took some holiday pics.  She had her new mirror-less camera to play with.

I was using my iPhone while “walking in a winter wonderland.” (sans snow) Also got to play with her older digital SLR. Hope to get another chance to get out and take pics around town before it gets too cold! 


Happy holidays- live long and prosper..!



Area 51 Ice Cream
100 E Commerce St.
Hernando, MS 38632

Peace On Earth, And Art On Area 51’s Wall