“You’re a wizard, Harry!”- new resin sculpt

This past Friday was my wife Nicki’s birthday. I had bought her the latest Harry Potter Lego video game earlier for it, and that kind of inspired me to do a resin sculpt for her.

I got started early last week, but didn’t get finished until Sunday afternoon- which was still officially “birthday weekend”! 😉

He was made from Magic Sculpt– a 2 part resin. I roughed out the form in aluminum foil (to save on resin), and slowly built up layers and details. I started off with the body and head, then arms, hands, wand, scarf, snitch, glasses, etc. I then sanded, primed, painted him with acrylics, and sprayed a fixative over him. Final height us approximately 6″ tall.

Even though he was simple in design, I wanted to throw in some details- like his scar, scarf, the golden snitch, and Gryffindor house colors. Used mostly my hands and some water to sculpt it, but also used one or two simple sculpting tools, an X-Acto knife, and a Dremel. Used Super-Glue gel and small snips of wire to glue/pin parts.

Nicki is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and was playing her HP Lego game while I worked on finishing him up.

He was a fun project, and now has a home in her fangirl room! I like making presents for my wife, and she’s already got a few others in mind for me to do…


“You’re a wizard, Harry!”- new resin sculpt
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