Super-George painting

Earlier this month I took to my garage, fired up my compressor, and started work on another painting. This time a George Reeves for the Superman Celebration art show in Metropolis, IL.

He was done in black and white on a 24″x30″ canvas with Createx acrylic airbrush paint.

First I roughed him out in pencil, then used the airbrush and grey paint to sketch and start to fill in the shapes and shadows.

I then started hitting some of the highlights with white paint, and darkening more of the shadows with black.

After about a day or so off and on going back and forth with black, grey, and white, I finally finished him up the day before heading up to Metropolis. Thankfully airbrushed acrylics dry really fast!

He was a big hit in Artists Alley- especially with some old friends of his!

I also had my “Man Who Laughs” painting on display as well. It was the same size and done the same way for my show at the Orpheum Theatre last month.



Super-George painting

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