Off the drawing board and kitchen table- Superman Celebration art

Hey gang,

I’ve been a bit behind on updating my site lately (bad Lin!), but have got some new art to share with you that I’ll be taking up to Metropolis, IL with me to display in an art show next week at the annual Superman Celebration there. The drawings started off on my drawing table in my “batcave” studio, but were finished on the kitchen table. The light’s better and it’s closer to the sweet tea and Kool-Aid!

First up is “Superman Meets Superkid“, and is based on a few photos I took in Metropolis back in 2003. This Superman is actor Scott Cranford who was the official Superman of Metropolis for many years. I was walking down the street headed for the giant Superman statue in the town square and there was Super-Scott shaking hands with this little blond headed kid, who reminded me of me at that age. I loved that the “Super-Kid” was wearing a plastic cape and Superman tee! It was a lot like the costumes I had as a kid.

I think this shot was a big influence on the development of my “The Adventures of Super-Kid” cartoons I did for fun a few years ago.

Next up is “This Looks Like A Job For Super-Josh!“- another marker illustration based on a photo I took at last year’s celebration. This one is based on the current official Superman of Metropolis, Josh Boultinghouse. Both illustrations are 11″x14″ and were done with markers and disposable tech pens.

I will also have some art (and collectibles) in the silent auctions at Artists Alley/Writers Way (which is where I’ll be hanging out). This marker illustration of Mark Pillow as Nuclear-Man from Superman IV will be in the Ogle Family Fund silent auction which will help raise money for the Ogle family’s medical bills due to Danny Ogle’s ongoing cancer treatments.

Another piece of art I will have in the “Save The Massac” silent auction will be the #1 print of 100 I did to help raise money for the renovation of the historic Massac Theatre in Metropolis. The other 99 signed and numbered prints will be available for $20 each, and ALL money raised will go to the Save The Massac fund. Last year’s auction raised around $1000 and we hope to double or triple that this year! Other fundraiser events are scheduled as well.

The theatre was purchased this past year by Larry Ward (friend, manager, and biographer of Noel Neill– the original Lois Lane), and work recently started on bringing this ol’ theatre back to its original 1938 state. First up was cleaning up and cleaning out, next will be a roof so work inside can continue. The finished project is still a few years from completion, but once done the theatre will be a multipurpose event center (movies, plays, music, assemblies, etc.). It’s great to see forward progress and the theatre being saved after years of neglect! (Looking forward to playing baseball with Larry in Metropolis on Friday morning- go Smallville!)

I’ve also done the official t-shirt (and program) design for this year’s Superman Celebration, which will be available at the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce and around town starting next week!

Well, I’ve got to get back to working on more art and other things before I’m off for the Superman Celebration.


Off the drawing board and kitchen table- Superman Celebration art