“Holy-Matrimony, Batman!” Our geek wedding cake topper

Nicki and I wanted to have a traditional wedding ceremony, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun, a bit geeky, or have some of our own touches here and there.

We held it in a park where some of our first dates were, we had 3-D glasses for our guests, had a puppet mule as an usher, Nicki wore tennis shoes under her dress, we served Nerds candy at the reception, put out white butcher paper on the tables with Crayons and markers for guests to draw well wishes, had a wedding website and animated e-mailed invitations, I had a Batman groom’s cake, and we went with cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.

We also designed our own wedding cake topper- Wonder Woman carrying Batman over the threshold- “Holy-Matrimony, Batman!“. It was based off of the art I did for the programs handed out at the wedding and the few printed wedding invites sent out.

I started off with doing turnaround drawings of both figures, and then built wire armatures for a skeleton to sculpt on top of. I sculpted each figure separately using a 2-part resin called Magic Sculpt.

It’s a lot like clay, but once equal parts are mixed it has a working window of about an hour and becomes as hard as a rock once cured. It can then be sanded, carved, or have more added to it. I test fitted each part as I worked, modifying as needed until I got the figures to work together as one statue.

I sprayed each piece with primer, then painted them. I kept Batman’s cape and cowl separate from the rest of his body to make painting easier.

I then pinned and glued Wonder Woman to the heart base, pinned and glued Batman’s two halves together in her arms, and then prayed!

I changed the final sculpt from the original art just a bit. I had moved the background heart to the base, changed Wonder Woman’s boots from heels to the style Nicki likes, and added the lasso and batarang to the sculpt.

After gluing and pinning I used some artists tape to hold them together over night, and again when transported to the park for the wedding to keep them stable. Luckily they made it to and from the wedding just fine- whew! “Made it, Ma! Top of the cake!

AnneOlivia’s in Hernando, MS did the cupcakes and made a small Italian Cream cake to go at the top of the cupcake tier, and the topper fit perfectly. It (and the cupcakes) were a big hit.

Nicki’s mom and sisters made boxes for our guests to take some cupcakes home with them. We had a few left over and took them on the honeymoon trip with us. I was glad because we each only got to eat one at the wedding, and I didn’t get any of my groom’s cake! We also missed breakfast one morning at the hotel and the cupcakes came in handy.

Nicki and I have been married for almost two weeks now and we honeymooned the day after the wedding in New Orleans. It was my first trip to “The Big Easy“, and it definitely won’t be my last! You can read about and see pics from our 4 day stay there on my geek travel blog at www.HaveGeekWillTravel.com this month. We were there for Halloween on Bourbon Street, and took a cemetery tour on my 45th birthday!

Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes! We had an amazing wedding, and are looking forward to an amazing life together.


“Holy-Matrimony, Batman!” Our geek wedding cake topper
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