I feel Super- thanks for asking!

I haven’t talked about the Metropolis Superman Celebration yet. Been busy unpacking from two back to back trips, feeling a bit under the weather (sinuses and a con-bug), yard work (and poison ivy), and all have kept me from updating.

Let’s fix that!

Tim Brown and I headed up on Thursday afternoon, and as usual Timmy and I stopped at Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO.

Timmy happy! He had the hog jowls- or as I like to call them, “bacon on steroids”!

We got there just in time for the opening ceremony/skit.

It was funny as always!

Artists Alley/Writers Way was jumpin’ as always. That’s writer Josh Elder with Superman (Josh Boultinghouse).

Comics legend and Guest of Honor Carmine Infantino with Nicki Howe.

Me with my Bushi Tales partner and DC Comics artist and guest Dave Beaty.

My Bizarro painting found a good home.

We got to see the unveiling of the new Noel Neill/Lois Lane statue.

Papa Cliff drove Noel to the statue plaza in his Studebaker.

The statue was created in Utah by the same folks who created the Superman statue and now stands just up the street from it.

I got to meet the statue artist/sculptor Gary Ernest Smith.

Down at the chamber of commerce on Saturday Traci and Nicki inducted guest Sam Witwer into the Memphis Star Ward Fan Force.

Sam stars in the Star Wars: Force Unleashed game and comic, as well as in SMALLVILLE on TV, along with co-star Laura Vandervoort.

Laura, who is a martial artist, too- said she’d love to play Kimiyo in a Bushi Tales movie! (Did you hear that, Hollywood..?!)

Both Sam and Laura couldn’t have been nicer, but they both gushed when Trevor Hawkins presented them each with one of his paintings of them.

Friday and Saturday nights in AA/WW we had a showing of Superman II (with producer Ilya Salkind) and Fan Films sponsored by Inked Monkey.

As usual it was hot again in Metropolis- so hot some might have sold their soul for a Big Gulp!

But the heat and humidity didn’t stop the costumers from coming out in force.

The judges had a tough job again this year- tons of great costumes were entered!

The winners! Best Clark/Superman, Best Lois, crowd favorite (Doomsday), best hero (Steel), and best villain (Lobo).

Best group- The Avengers

The Avengers’ secret weapon- Tiny Thor!

And proof that cloning does exist!

Nicki and I had a great time and look forward to being back again next year.

Hope to see you there!


I feel Super- thanks for asking!
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