More Capes

Hey gang- got some more pics from this year’s Cape-Con to share with you.

Kids costume contest.

Ethan Van Sciver drawing Wonder Woman.

Close up of Ethan’s WW sketch.

Antone Wade’s WW marker sketch.

Me drawing WW in Nicki’s sketchbook.

Close-up of my WW sketch- still got a bit to finish.

Cape Girardeau Roller Girls

Mike and the Ninja” creator Brian Rhodes and…the Ninja.

Nicki’s favorite part of the con…comic long boxes!

Ghost Rider gives me and Brian Morris his “penance stare”.

Jetta’s Janet and Antone Wade.

Ken Murphy talking to Janet and Antone Wade.

Jack-Jack makes a hat out of his new book.

Superboy and the Insect Queen.

Nicki at my booth.

More Capes

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