Dracula sucks!

That’s one of my favorite scenes from “Love At First Bite”, which is actually probably my favorite Dracula movie. Still cracks me up.


Got another painting done for the show, which is why I’m talking about Dracula.


Bela is the fourth painting done for my one man show. He’s 4’x4′.


Working on a Bride of Frankenstein now. Started on it Saturday night. Should have it finished this weekend, and another one started.


The Hernando Chainsaw Massacre Part 2- Nicki’s Revenge!
(This time it’s personal..!)


We finally managed to get the second stump out of Nicki’s front flower bed. Man, that was a chore! We got that flower bed back together, added some more mulch, and fixed up a new one where the other tree was. The front of the house looks much better, and I got to kick the stump to the curb- literally! He struck back and hit my leg, but in the end Nicki and I were victorious and he was gone. It was a good day. 🙂


So was the day before- Friday, 9-11.


My friends Pat and Jen got to bring home their little girl from Russia. It was a long plane flight home, and Olivia was a little overwhelmed by all of her new family welcoming her, but she took it very well. She even started smiling when she saw she was going to go for another car ride.


I had a good time waiting at the airport with the French and Waldon families, especially Olivia’s new big brother Owen. He’s my buddy.


Can’t wait for him to be old enough to come help us scare people at the haunt.


Dracula sucks!
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