Memorable Poison Ivy..

Not my backyard- view from the cabin.
Not my backyard- view from the cabin.

I spent this Memorial Day weekend trying to recover from a nasty case of poison ivy. Thank God for Aveeno and hot water!

It all started about 2 weeks ago when I tried to clear out some honeysuckle and other brush out of my backyard and fences. Didn’t see the poison ivy growing right along with it. I hauled several loads of cut vines and downed limbs from the latest storms up to the street and thought I’d been careful- gloves, long pants, washed up good after, etc.

Well, a day later while going to the movie theater to see Star Trek I noticed a few bumps on my right hand and wrist. I kept from scratching and went to Wally World later to pick up some Caladryl. By this time it was reeeeealllllly starting to itch, and the next morning it was on my other arm and starting down my chest! I got ahold of some of the cheap pink stuff and that seemed to help.

A week later it’s gotten a bit worse and I’ve got planes to go out of town to Arkansas for the weekend with my girlfriend Nicki and some of our friends.

The Wal-Mart
The Wal-Mart

We stop by The Walmart in Conway (home of American Idol winner Kris Allen) to pick up some groceries for the cabin and Nicki helps me find some Aveeno bath stuffs. Well, that did the trick! After getting the water faucet backwards I finally got some hot water for a bath and soaked for about an hour. Did it again the next night. Whew, what a relief! My skin is finally going back to normal and my “leprosy” is almost gone.


Even though we spent most of the weekend riding to-from Arkansas in Nicki’s truck, we had a fun weekend.




It was good to finally be home, though!



Got a couple weeks until the next road trip- Metropolis!


Memorable Poison Ivy..
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