Art to go!

Hey gang-

Well, I finished another painting to take to Metropolis with me. I’m going to try and finish one more, but here’s what I have ready so far.






And one from last year I’ll be bringing back.


And if I can fit it in the car with the rest of my stuffs I may bring this one back to show again.


I’ll be with the rest of the MSCA/Memphis Mafia in Artists Alley/Writers Way. We’ll be set up about a block up from the chamber of commerce, and about 2 blocks up from the Superman statue on the west side of Market Street in the Four Rivers Church building- same side of the street and the Supermuseum and chamber of commerce and next to Thor’s Gym. The Metropolis Planet is about a block from east from the statue, and the Ohio River and Harrah’s casino are about two-three blocks south from there.

This year John Ostrander, Gail Simone, Mike Norton, and Josh Elder, and Beverly Washburn will be joining us there.


For more info on the Superman Celebration and Metropolis go to:

For more info on the MidSouth Cartoonists Association check out the new website Nicki designed-

Art to go!
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