Rorschach’s Journal- Custom POP! Created By Me…Hurm.

Hope you all are safe and well. We’ve been staying home during this pandemic. Nicki has been working from home this past month and while I’m off I have been trying to stay busy working around the house, getting the garage and attic squared away, building some shelves, and getting some art done- mostly sculpting. We get out for an afternoon walk when the weather allows, and I mask up to go get groceries at Walmart or Kroger when I have to. Other than my latest doctor appointment (which seemed to go well) that’s about all we get out these days. Again, just try to stay busy while staying home.

Speaking of staying busy and masks, I’ve wanted a “WatchmenRorschach POP! figure since Funko did a limited release of them at the San Diego Comic Con several years ago- 2013 I believe. Since Rorschach ones go for about $300 or more now, I decided to make my own custom one.

He was originally a Nick Valentine POP! figure that I found on-sale. A $5 Fallout4 figure is more affordable for me. I bought some SMILEY buttons and a blank white mask for my Rorschach cosplay, too.

You can read more about that cosplay and how I put it together here.

Had to remove the eyes and nose from the Nick POP!, fill in the mechanics on the side of the face, and smooth out the mechanical hand. Then I used a Dremel and some sandpaper to smooth out the face. 

I began the sculpting on the face and hands using some Magic Sculpt. It’s a 2 part resin- you mix equal parts of the resin and hardener. It becomes rock hard after about an hour or so and can be sanded and carved. Before that it acts like clay and can be smoothed with water.

I usually work on a couple projects at a time when I sculpt. That way I don’t waste any of the resin if I get to a stopping point and have some left over.

I’ve been working on a Superman and an Oracle mask (for Nicki), plus a Rocketeer mini-helmet model kit. I’ll post a blog on those later.

I was going to just do minor sculpting on him and do a quick repaint to look like the Rorschach with a tie from “Before Watchmen“, but I couldn’t help making more work for myself. Started adding his scarf and adding more to the lapels.

Added a bit to his gun, plus made a grappling hook and a journal. Also re-sculpted his hat to swoop up in the pack instead of down. Again- made more work for myself. I used the cutting wheel on my Dremel to take off part of the back of the hat, and then re-sculpted it to look more like the movie version.

The grappling gun hook was made out of resin with a pin inside. Made the hooks out of an old junk mail credit card. Decided to go ahead and make a base for him. When I added the resin to the hat it made him a bit top heavy towards the back. Was going to make it look like his calling card, but decided to go with the street scene with the button since that’s when we see him use the grappling gun. 

I added more to his jacket’s belt and belt-loops, plus snipped off the heads of some straight pins for jacket buttons. Also added epaulets and had one of them stick up. That was tricky!

Drilled a small hole in the barrel with the tip of an X-acto blade, and then glued the hook to the end of his grappling gun. Then did a bit more sanding and carving on his hand, hat, and jacket. Had to try and get his gun hand to match his other.

Used a spray primer on him. Of course I immediately found a few spots I missed that needed to be filled and sanded a bit more. After the fixes were done and the primer had set long enough I sprayed a second coat. I attached the button to the base and sprayed it and the journal with primer. Once everything was dry I attached the figure to the base with some Super Glue gel, then drilled and pinned his feet with glue and some small nails.

I used acrylics to paint him. Was going to do a simple solid color paint job, but hey- where’s the work in that..? I used some dry-brushing and washes to give him some textures and shading. A figure this small doesn’t really cast shadows well. Took a couple of tries to get the pants pinstriped. they would come out too clean/bright or two wide. Painted his mask to look like the same pattern I painted my costume’s mask. It’s the one they used in a lot of the promotional stills. Glued his journal in his hand after painting it.


Was happy with how he turned out- especially the weathered look of the jacket and hat, and how mask looks like material. Overall he looks like a combination of the comic book and movie versions, which is what I was going for with my cosplay. I like Rorschach looking like he keeps his outfit and “face” stashed in a garbage can when not in use.

I may end up doing another version using one of my blank POP!s. Wouldn’t mind a Before Watchmen tie wearing one or movie meat cleaver version. I’ve got a few male and female ones, so I could make a few other Minutemen/Crimebusters/Watchmen. It doesn’t seem like Funko will be making any others any time soon- they only did Rorschach (regular and blood splattered chase versions) and a Doctor Manhattan for the very limited comic con release years ago.

Would love to see more POP!s from the original “Watchmen” comic book series, the Zach Snyder movie, the “Doomsday Clock” comic, and the HBO series. A Sister Night, “Mirror-Guy“, Red Scare, Pirate Jenny, Night Owl, Silk Specter, Comedian, and Mime and Marionette would all be awesome as POP!s.

Oh, and how cool would an Archie/Owlship POP! or Dorbz Ride be..?!!

So many possible choices. If Funko does make any more you know I’ll have to buy them, even though my wallet will look up at me and shout, “NOooo..!


Rorschach’s Journal- Custom POP! Created By Me…Hurm.
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