“It’s Ladies Night!’- My Harley Quinn and 13th Doctor Sketchcovers

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog here. I have gotten a few things finished since my last entry, and I’m working on something else that’s getting close to completion. I did my last con appearance in Dyersburg this spring, and did another kid’s art class this past week. I’ll probably do a recap of them in a future Flashback Friday post.

Up first this time is my Harley Quinn sketchcover. This is the Margot Robbie live action “Suicide Squad” Harley. I’m a HUGE Harley Quinn fan, and have got a few Harley statues and figures in my collection.

I’m a big fan of the classic Harley look. I have to admit I wasn’t in love with the movie character design when I first saw it, but it really grew on me and I liked Margot’s take on Harley. I’m still not crazy about their Joker

I meant to get some shots of my pencils, but totally forgot to when I started. I sized my reference photos to fit where I needed them, and then printed them out and used my lightbox to get the outlines of the photos onto the cover stock. As usual I’m working with a yellow #2 pencil. I also occasionally will use a #2 0.09mm click-pencil. I finished the details and shading by hand in pencil, then started on the flesh-tones using Copic markers

Used some skin white, pink, sand, beige, and a couple others. Used some greens and light browns for her eyes. I then started adding some blues and reds, and a bit of grays.

Then started adding some yellow and darker browns.

Once I had the front and back images fleshed out I started adding the background. The movie used a lot of bright colors so I wanted to reflect that in this cover.

After green, I started using some yellows in the background.

Then added some pinks…

…and some purples, plus added the leg tats.

I really couldn’t see any details of her leg tattoos on the reference photo I was using for the figure on the back cover.

Luckily the statue that came with my “Suicide Squad” BluRay/DVD was awesome! Could see all of the tats, including the stomach one that was partially covered by her tee in the photo. This statue also gave me a better idea of how to draw the fishnets…which were probably the hardest part of the whole project!

I inked everything with a Pigma Micron pen (#01, #03, & #05) used a Prismacolor white pencil and white Gelly Roll pen for the highlights.

Once it was finished and signed I sprayed it with a matte finish fixative and let it dry. Oh, I highly recommend spraying it outdoors or where there’s good ventilation.

Next up is my Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who sketchcover.

Jodie took over as the 13th Doctor this season, and is the first female actor to play the role. Decided to have myself some Straxbucks Coffee while I worked on this in the Batcave.

I’ve got a lot of Doctor Who covers and have done a few the past couple years, but really need to do a few more- they’re fun!

Like Harley above, I printed out my reference images and then used my lightbox to trace an outline of the figures with a #2 pencil. I then started freehanding all the details and shading. 

Once the pencils were done I started coloring with my blue Copic markers. I used several different shades on her clothes.

Added a bit of color to the rainbow on her shirt. I really love the outfit she puts together in the first episode. It really fits her personality.

I also added some color to the jacket rainbows, and started on the jacket piping. Then came the flesh-tones.

Like Harley, I used several different shades of flesh, brown, pink, and yellow on her and her boots.

I then started working on the background. I wanted it to feel as if the Doctor was at the same location, but at slightly different times.

Lots of greens, browns, and grays were used for the trees and rocks. Tried to add more details to the foreground to help add depth to the image.

I then used Microns to ink the figures and some of the foreground. #03 for most of the foreground figure, and #01 for the background figure and rocks.

Used more white Prismacolor pencil and Gelly Roll pen for the highlights.

Sprayed it with the Krylon matte finish fixative, then let it dry before bagging and boarding.

I had fun working on this one and even worked a bit on it at one of the MSCA monthly dinner meet-ups at the U of M Garibaldi’s Pizza.

We meet there on the first Thursday night of each month- except next month because of the 4th of July. We’ll be at Pyro’s Pizza in the afternoon on the 13th. It’s located at Ridgeway/Park in Memphis near Poplar. Feel free to join us.

You can find all of my sketchcovers and sketchcards for sale at The Cellar in Bartlett, TN. They are located on Bartlett Ave. near Bartlett Park and Stage Rd.

Won’t take so long for me to post next time!


“It’s Ladies Night!’- My Harley Quinn and 13th Doctor Sketchcovers
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