Star Wars Crystal Ball- behind the scenes

Last Saturday my wife Nicki and I got to attend the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi’s annual Crystal Ball. This year’s theme was “Star Wars”- something Nicki and I are very th1iliar with!

Well, before an event like this can open it’s doors a lot of work has to be done first. The Community Foundation crew did an amazing job of converting the Southaven Arena’s  indoor space into outer space! You can see some of our event pics on my Have Geek Will Travel site.

My part this year was painting two 40’+ walls with Star Wars stuffs. I wanted it to look like a giant 70’s black light poster and used some of the same 3D paint I use at the haunt.

Something this big I would normally project up, but since other work was being done around the arena I couldn’t turn off  the lights. So I ended up just freehanding the whole project.

I started off airbrushing the scenes in white, then cleaning them up with black. I tried to keep it big, and would move from one area to the next as quick as I could.

Once I got the drawings done I started layering the fluorescent ,blue, green, yellow, and red. Blue for the background and red for the foreground.

I did one side Imperials and the other side Rebels- and a sneaky Boba Fett.

Once I was done the black lights were in place I was done! All in all it took about 2 1/2 days to paint.

Slave 1 pursuing  the Millennium Falcon out of the asteroid field.

TIE fighter and the second Death Star. (Thanks, Janice for the help with the lights on the ships and Death Star!)

Finished Imperial side during the sinlent auction.

The finished Rebel side during the silent auction.

More of the Rebel side and a some “Sith Happens” art I donated to the silent auction.

I was also asked to paint a rebel insignia on one door and the imperial cog on the other.

For more Star Wars Crystal Ball pics ckick here.







Star Wars Crystal Ball- behind the scenes

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