Shadowcon GOH Appearance This Friday and Saturday and Star Wars Galaxy 7 Artists Returns Now Available

Hey gang,

This weekend I’ll be attending Shadowcon in Memphis this Friday and Saturday as the Artist Guest of Honor. This will be my 4th time attending Shadowcon, 2nd time as a GOH, and my first con of 2012!

There will be fencing, heavy weapons and tourneys, gaming, D&D, Vampire LARP (Live Action Role Playing), computer gaming, board games, an international game room, Merchants Masquerade (historical, sci-fi, and fantasy), hall costume contest, belly dance lessons, Friday night dance with a DJ, Saturday night Haffla (belly dance party), Kane’s Auction of the Strange and Unusual, and much more. I’ll have some of my art prints, sketch cards, and comics for sale in the dealers room.

If you like gaming, fantasy art, costuming/cosplay, force-choking, or watching folks beat up each other with medieval weapons this con is for you!

I may even do my invisible ninja panel again…it was standing room only last time.

The convention is going to be at the Memphis Airport Hotel and Conference Center– 2240 DEMOCRAT RD., Memphis, TN 38132. It’s just off Airways and I-240 near the airport. If you’re in town slide on by and say “Hi!” to us.

In other news I finished my retail sketchcards for Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy 7 card set and now have my 6 artist returns available for purchase on my site. Just got to the “For Sale” link for more info. I’ll have more available in a few weeks. I’m currently uploading all of the finished sketchcards to my galleries, and will soon be posting some of the Sketchagraphs I’m working on now. Will be finishing up some at the convention this weekend. The Galaxy 7 cards should be hitting stores in February or March.

The next convention I’ll be attending as a guest will be Midsouthcon in March. Author Michael Stackpole, fellow artist Joe Corroney, and actors Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen (best known for their roles as Maj. Don West and Judy Robinson on the 60s TV show Lost in Space) will be there, too!

Well, back to drawing, scanning and uploading…


Shadowcon GOH Appearance This Friday and Saturday and Star Wars Galaxy 7 Artists Returns Now Available
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