Wedding Sale- Star Wars Sketch Cards

Hey gang,

Well, the wedding is just around the corner and since I need a few more bucks before it gets here I’m dropping the price of my Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6 sketch cards from $205.00 each down to $155.00 each- price includes shipping/handling/insurance. That’s $50 off the original price of each!

I’ve got 5 of my 6 original returns left- Yoda, Boba Fett, Tusken Raider, Darth Nihilus, and a sandcrawler. These are highly collectible!

Each are one of a kind pieces of art hand drawn on official Topps Star Wars sketch card stock, colored with Copic markers, and signed by me on the back of each card.

You can find them in the store section of my site on the original art for sale page. I have a few paintings for sale there as well.

Thanks for helping this guy get hitched!


Wedding Sale- Star Wars Sketch Cards
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