Animated Anakin

I’m doing 106 sketchcards for the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy 6 set from Topps, and am doing most of them in full color.

I’ve had many people ask me how I’m creating the “painted”  Star Wars art on my sketchcards. It’s a mixed media process.

(Click photo above to see animation).

I sketch them out in pencils first, color with Copic markers, do detail black lines with disposable tech pens, and highlights with Copic white and a small detail brush.

After I sign it I then seal the card with a spray fixative to protect it.

This is the same technique I used on the Empire Strikes Back Widevision cards for Topps earlier this year.

Each sketchcard starts off blank and is signed by the artist on the back. This time each card is the normal trading card size of 2.5″x3.5″ inches tall.

Topps sends me the blanks, I draw on them,  send all my completed sketchcards back to Topps,  and receive 6 cards back to keep.

Nicki got to keep this Darth Vader card from the Empire Strikes Back set.

Galaxy 6 cards will be in stores late winter/early spring 2011, and Topps will be randomly inserting each sketchcard  into card packs.

Didn’t do this promo art- but hope to do some base card art for a future Galaxy set (fingers crossed).

Love me some Star Wars!



Animated Anakin
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