Playball and light the fireworks!

This Saturday night Nicki and I got to go to see the Memphis Redbirds play the Nashville Sounds at Autozone Park in downtown Memphis.

Thanks to her day job ILS, we got to see the game and eat BBQ, nachos, hot dogs and more on the 1st base party deck.

We had a great time watching the game with several of her fellow co-workers.

The game was fun, but the Redbirds lost.

After the game we got to watch a Buggs Bunny baseball cartoon and then…FIREWORKS!

They were awesome!

After the game Nicki and I walked around downtown for a bit to wait for the crowds to thin out.

I’m surprised that the mosquitoes down by the river didn’t fly off with us!

When we got back to the parking garage the traffic was still pretty thick so we went up to the roof of the garage.

The traffic finally died down and we headed south.


Playball and light the fireworks!

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