In a FedEx Forum not too far away…

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back!

Tuesday night I attended Star Wars In Concert – one of the coolest Star Wars events I’ve experienced since my dad took me and my sisters to see Star Wars at a small twin movie theater near Graceland here in Memphis way back in ’77!

This time I went with my girlfriend Nicki (thank you Uncle George) and it was AWESOME! Each time I hear the opening fanfare and see the Star Wars logo on-screen I feel like an 11 year old kid again.

This time Mama Howe chaperoned us two kids.

We joined several thousand other Star Wars fans downtown at the FedEx Forum.

Including some of our fellow SMT/Memphis Fan Force crew.

There were a lot of props and costumes on display in the lobby of the forum.

Some were very still…

…and others moved around a bit more like this 501st member.

Our narrator for the evening was Anthony Daniels, also know as C-3PO.

The concert was a great mix of live orchestral music and choir, lights, movie footage, production art, and more!

Kids of all ages attended and enjoyed it!

Last night Nicki and I attended the SMT Drive-In Night for a showing of The Empire Strikes Back at Memphis Fan Force members Tim and Traci Brown’s backyard.

Timmy fired up the digital projector…

…hoisted up his new and improved (and of course bigger) screen…

…we all kicked back in our lawn chairs…

…and enjoyed a screening of a pre-special edition Empire!

Nicki and I had a great time and are looking forward to the next SMT Backyard Drive-In Night- “Return of the Jedi“!

Don’t forget the Topp’s Empire Strikes Back 3-D Widevision cards hit stores this week.

I’ve got 100 artist sketch cards in the set- and 6 artist returns (above).

May the force be with you!


In a FedEx Forum not too far away…
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