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Working for the weekend! 0

Working for the weekend!

Well, gang- it’s the weekend again. And that means it’s another workday. I am getting away from my easel this morning to go check out the Hernando Fall Festival with Nicki, stop by the haunt, pick up some art supplies at the Art Center, then it’s back to painting more...

“Yes, Admiral- ya bum!” 0

“Yes, Admiral- ya bum!”

Another one of my Empire Strikes Back sketch cards has sold on ebay. Admiral Ozzel (markers)- sold for $79.99 (+s/h). Michael Sheard played Admiral Ozzel in Empire (the first officer to be forced choked by Darth Vader- and over a video conference call!) He was a fan favorite at our...

Just make it out to “ebay” 0

Just make it out to “ebay”

Well, looks like folks have found a few of my sketch cards I did for Topps’ Empire Strikes Back card set… …and they’ve made their way to ebay. Cloud City (Starting bid $49.95) AT-AT Driver (Sold- $200) R2-D2 ($350 bid) Darth Vader (Starting bid $99.99) These are my artist’s returns....