Sketchcards Have Left The Building!

Well gang,

After weeks of drawing I finished all of my Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back sketchcards for Topps this weekend.

Finished #106 late Sunday night and then shipped them all off early the next morning.

These are my artist returns- Nicki’s getting the top left Vader one. Couldn’t have done these without her help. She gathered tons of reference for me, helped me with my paperwork, fed me, kept me juiced on Mtn. Dew and Coca-Cola, and kept telling me, “You can do it!” and “Looks great, Babe!” Thanks to everyone else for being so supportive, too. Special thanks to Steve Stanley for getting me in with Topps, and for David Waldeck at Topps for being so great at getting me approvals so quickly and giving me my first Star Wars gig.

These come out next month so keep an eye out for them.

Looking forward to getting back to the drawing board, but I’m going to take another night or two off before I start any new projects.

Stay “tooned”!


Sketchcards Have Left The Building!
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